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  1. J

    Who to start - RB/WR

    Thanks. Echos what I'm thinking.
  2. J

    Who to start - RB/WR

    Hi all, this week I might have too many RBs/WRs and need to choose. Good problem and a first in a long time. My league is standard scoring non-PPR. I can start 5 of these. 2 must be RBs and 2 must be WRs Chubb - yeah he starts every week. R Stevenson - hmm. Harris is back. How back? D...
  3. J

    RB start

    Well not sure what my opinion is worth and I don't know what a performance/distance league is but in my standard scoring non-PPR league I have similar issues who to start this week, From your list above I think Stevenson is a start no brainer even thought they seem to be getting Harris back...
  4. J

    Week 11 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    I have a couple I am contemplating. I need 2 WRs from Sutton, C Samuel, Toney, Pickens, Peoples-Jones. Right now leaning Sutton and Toney. One TE from Njoku and Pitts. Lean Pitts cause I'm not sure Njoku is really healthy yet and Pitts HAS to have a big game some day doesn't he? LOL
  5. J

    Pacheco or Toney breakout?

    Toney. Pacheco is nice if he gets carries but he isn't as talented overall IMHO. Toney is electric when healthy and looks like he is and has the opportunity today. Guess we'll know in a while. I am benching C Samuel for Toney. If he breaks out and I get Chase back next week I'll be OK and...
  6. J

    WR Kadarius Toney, KC

    I'm pretty desperate for WR so Toney is my WR2 behind Sutton. Yuk. It's him or Samuel of WAS. Please heal up Jamar Chase. i NEED you.
  7. J

    RB D'Onta Foreman, CAR

    Well I took a flyer on Foreman. He was available in my league so what the heck. Not starting him this week though. Got Chubb, Stevenson and AJ Dillon in RB/Flex spots so no problem. But bye weeks are coming.
  8. J

    Who would you start? HELPPPPPPP

    Thanks. I like them all too and can't decide between Samuel and Dillon.
  9. J

    Who would you start? HELPPPPPPP

    OK Need to decide this today before gametime as I have a player in Thursday night football. I need at least one of these to qualify as a RB and one as a WR. And I need to start 3 of them. Non-PPR standard scoring. R Stevenson C Sutton AJ Dillon N Hines C Samuel R Doubs G Pickens R White...
  10. J

    WR Allen Robinson, LAR

    Finding it hard to admit he was a mistake. And I'm still not sure he is at fault. You gotta get targets to make catches. Will LAR wake up and slap some sense into Stafford? Beginning to think not.
  11. J

    Who would you drop?

    I ended up with only dropping Mitchell and adding Samuel. Some might call me crazy for choosing Samuel over Wilson but I felt Wilson will not be the standard bearer in SF, I think they will increase plays for Samuel (the other one) and Lance and bring up others to split the role. Hope I'm right.
  12. J

    Who would you drop?

    OK, you're right. Mitchell is 8 weeks away and no sure thing then. I can't afford a roster spot that long on a guy who may not perform this year at all. He is my first drop. Pickens second. I don't think Trubisky is going to unlock his potential and he won't be taken on waivers IMO.
  13. J

    Who would you drop?

    Fair enough. Right now I'm leaning on dropping Collins and Pickens as I don't see them has having a big role. Might be dumb and because I got them both really late in the draft and have some draft capital tied up in Mitchell. It's hard to let go. I'm 4th on waivers and doubt I get Wilson...
  14. J

    Who would you drop?

    Thanks. So you think this year Pickens and Collins will have more value than Mitchell? I confess to being surprised.