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  1. jm192

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    I've been happy with Mint.
  2. jm192

    When is the last time you went to a movie theater? What did you see and how much did you spend?

    Went to the IMAX in Indianapolis. 2 tickets, medium popcorn, 2 16 Oz beers. 55$ 😳
  3. jm192

    Bitcoin-Explain to me how to buy these things

    Anyone have a cliff notes version of why FTX is broke? Also can you not get your crypto off FTX and onto a digital wallet?
  4. jm192

    Dynasty & Redraft: WR Terrace Marshall Jr, Panthers - making plays at training camp

    He's had two solid weeks. Between byes and injuries, I'm starting him in a dynasty league and a $$ re-draft league.
  5. jm192

    TE Darren Waller, LV

    He’s been super frustrating. Got him in Scott Fish bowl. Have him in a competitive PPR keeper, that I got him in like the 6th round. Didn’t expect him to be the guy from a couple of years ago—but thought he’d be a solid fantasy TE.
  6. jm192

    Video games...what ya playing? And what are you looking forward to?

    Yeah. I loved The PS4 game so much I got ps plus or whatever to play the others, and the first game was very meh. Honestly those games were probably awesome a decade or 2 back. But after going on the epic journey with the amazing graphics, hard to go back.
  7. jm192

    Video games...what ya playing? And what are you looking forward to?

    It's the most excited I've been for a game in a long time. Loved the PS4 game. I played it 2 hours last night. Great so far.
  8. jm192

    If you could bring back one discontinued food product…

    Loved these too!. Would get the grilled when trying to be healthier. But the crispy BBQ ones were fantastic.
  9. jm192

    If you could bring back one discontinued food product…

    Man, I loved those things. Would get a side of whatever sauce and ranch just for those. Soooo good. Wedges are not the same. Not even close. Honestly probably a big part of why I go to Wingstop so much more than BWW now. The fries>>>>>wedges.
  10. jm192

    If you could bring back one discontinued food product…

    Loved it. Destroyed it. Ate way more of them than I probably should have. Was actually eating them when I was working out and losing weight back in they day. Great macro's.
  11. jm192

    Guillotine League Strategy

    For the above, started at 151. got CMC at 107. Next highest bid was hillariously 45. I still feel like ensuring I got him was the right move there. That's the reason you try to have the most money going into the final weeks. That left me with 44. I ultimately decided to bid 41 on...
  12. jm192

    Guillotine League Strategy

    You set a lineup. I think with McCaffery and Ekeler, I‘ll survive this week. There’s a real chance this is the last time CMC comes up for bid. As long as I survive, one or more of Mahommes, Hurts, Allen, Jackson should be there for the final 2 weeks. FWIW, I have another league that is a...
  13. jm192

    Guillotine League Strategy

    In my 2nd league, could use some advice if anyone's got some. Down to 4 teams. I have the most $ currently at 151$ The other 3 teams have 106, 95, 85. Current Roster: QB: Dak, Herbert, Brady (definitely the weak spot). RB: Ekeler, Walker, Swift, Fournette WR: Hill, Jefferson, Hopkins...
  14. jm192

    Guillotine League Strategy

    I'm in 2 Super Chop leagues. In 1 of them, I feel super Set. Down to 3 teams, Have 76$ left compared to 19$ and 9$. Kelce, Kupp, Kamara, AJ Brown all cut. Going to bid 20 on Kelce and Kupp for sure. Unsure about Kamara. Probably won't start Brown--have Hopkins and Diggs and soon to add...