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  1. John Norton

    Footballguys for 2017 - New Stuff / Ask Questions Here

    Gentlemen, This has been taken way out of perspective. I NEVER hold back anything when it comes to my FBG work. When my column comes out you will always know what I know. When I do projections for the week you will know what I expect etc.  That particular week I went ahead and tweeted the...
  2. John Norton

    IDP Talk - Features And Timing You'd Like To See - Dr. Jene

    Thanks for the comments you have left so far. I feel your pain on the timing of release with the EOTG column. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. Between the day job, the time it takes to get word from teams on injuries and so forth, review games to see what defenses were...
  3. John Norton

    FBG IDP 2017

    We have an IDP conversation going in the Shark Pool about our coverage for the coming year. As many of you may already know Jene is unfortunately not going to be contributing on the IDP side this year. Thus we are revamping our coverage a little to ensure our customers continue to get the best...
  4. John Norton

    IDP Talk - Features And Timing You'd Like To See - Dr. Jene

    Unfortunately Jene will not be contributing on the IDP side this year. The history buffs out there will understand when I say; I feel a little like General Lee when Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville. Lee said "Jackson has lost his left arm and I have lost...
  5. John Norton

    An easy fix for determining IDP positions for Rotoworld/MFL?

    The problem is our system of positions is outdated. You can cry that someone is "lazy" because they have something in place which doesn't agree with your opinion. I can assure you there are VERY FEW lazy people working in this industry. In reality we need to overhaul IDP designations in general...
  6. John Norton

    No LB Kevin Minter in Staff Rankings?

    Minter averages 4.5 tackles a game, makes no big plays, is only on the field on early downs and has no upside to speak of. I generally avoid 3-4 OLBs but would take a lot of them over Minter even in a balanced scoring league.  
  7. John Norton

    Rashad Johnson zero week 14

    KC Doesn't run between the tackles much so I did not have grand expectations for Johnson, but I was stunned by the zero. I started him in one game as well. Some days you're the bug, some days your the windshield I guess.
  8. John Norton

    feedback for norton's match up thing on the podcast

    "edit: did you mention kc being a good play for corners -- how is that even possible?" Patrick Peterson 8-0-1...
  9. John Norton

    feedback for norton's match up thing on the podcast

    All good and appreciated feedback. I will say that this is much different than the email and twitter feedback that I have gotten which has been overwhelmingly positive. I understand the points you are making and they are very valid. If I had an opportunity to spend hours researching matchups...
  10. John Norton


    Dodds updates more often on the offensive side because he is FBG 24/7. I don't have that access as my day job is teaching high school kids the art of collision repair. One day when I grow up I hope to be a full time FBG as well :) Sometimes I do slip in an update late on Wednesday after we...
  11. John Norton


    Initial weekly projections are started on Monday evening and finished on Tuesday evening to be posted by late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. That is hardly "last week". Unfortunately I am not in a position to update projections in real time as soon as news breaks. They are however, updated...
  12. John Norton

    How quick will idp and offence projections be updated ?

    We update IDP every Wednesday at the very least and will update more often if there are any significant changes. Lots of little changes over the past couple of days with some cuts and injury updates, but nothing of real significance through last night. Just sitting down to catch up on today's...
  13. John Norton

    Mr. Norton's Rankings vs. Projections

    There are most certainly different approaches. I for example, will have the sleeper players that I am most high on ranked higher than they are projected. This has a lot to do with my personal drafting philosophy. When drafting I will put a higher value on the guy with upside than a player I may...
  14. John Norton

    Mr. Norton's Rankings vs. Projections

    Rankings and projections are two totally different animals to me. I agree that they should look similar and believe that mine do, but they are not the same thing in my eyes. In the projections I am looking at strictly overall numbers. There is no way to relate consideration of things like week...
  15. John Norton

    Eyes of the Guru: Preseason Reports

    I do pretty much everything based on the most common 12 team league set up. Sometimes I mention "deep drafted" or "14-16 team leagues". There are a multitude of different scoring/roster/lineup set ups out there. I try to use the one that is as close as I can get to the most common and is...