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  1. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    3 days and counting with no resolution.  At a minimum, their customer service sucks compared to what it was when LS started.
  2. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    Exactly where my bias is coming from.  If I can’t withdrawal my money, I immediately start wondering if it’s because they don’t have it.
  3. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    I would do the same.  I’m probably paranoid because of past failures and concerns but Leaguesafe seems to be worse than past years after whatever this merge/buyout is.  It was so easy to withdrawl the past couple of years.  Now it feels shady or at least less polished to me.
  4. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    No idea.  I tried to do Visa card with no luck.  That’s as far as I have gotten.  The website is not helpful.
  5. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    They don’t have one.  No phone or chat according to their website.   I’ve had a ticket in with only one reply since yesterday.
  6. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    Yes.  As far as taxes, Leaguesafe used to have a statement basically saying it was on you.  Now that they are same company with Fanball, I’m worried they don’t have a choice.  I never joined or played Fanball, yet somehow my money is now in “my” Fanball Wallet according to them.
  7. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    Yeah, this is a bummer.  I skipped through all of that, selected a withdrawal option, and clicked withdrawal.  Then I get an error.  I'm glad to hear you were successful because maybe it's just a glitch.  I was nervous because of some of the other crashes in the past.  The reason I got onboard...
  8. J

    Leaguesafe (Fanball?) Withdrawal

    Anybody else having trouble with withdrawing winnings this weekend?  It seems like I got routed from Leaguesafe into a conglomerate site with Fanball, then I had to deny their contests about 3 different ways, and then got an error when trying to pull money.  I'm hoping it's just a glitch but...
  9. J

    WR Sterling Shepard, NYG

    The only thing I've been able to find is migraines.
  10. J

    MFL Down?

    my least favorite yearly tradition.
  11. J

    IDP Week 1 content

    Is there going to be exploit/avoid this year?
  12. J

    LB to DE candidates

    From what I saw last night, I'd have a hard time thinking they will change him.  Pretty much up on the line and sometimes with his hand down.   Is there reason to be worried about a last-minute switch from Roto?
  13. J

    **2017 Preseason Observations Thread**

    shifty, some power, caught a screen pass and took a huge lick and popped right back up.  seems to be moving forward at all times (not dancing or losing yards). doesn't look bad at all.
  14. J

    LB to DE candidates

    He's still shown as OLB on Rotoworld depth chart.  I trust that over the player page.  
  15. J

    Fair trade value for Julio?

    In a league that small with short lineups and benches, I think it makes super studs like Julio way more valuable.  If you want to trade him, I wouldn't be doing it for anything less than a 1 for 1 comparable player (Bell, David Johnson, Gronk, etc.).