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  1. J

    N.Harris, Gibson, Mattison...Pick 2

    Harris vs. Cincy Gibson vs. Buf Mattison vs. Sea (Cook Out?)
  2. J

    Evans, Julio, McLaurin...Pick 2

    I have these 3...and need 2.  Evans vs. Rams Julio vs. Indy McLaurin vs. Buf...
  3. J

    Drop L.Thomas for Cook or Higlebee?

    I currently have McLaurin and Gibson from the Washington team with L.Thomas. Not sure if I want 3 players from WAS.  Thinking of dropping Thomas and grabbing Cook from LAC or Higglebee from LAR. Would you do this and who?
  4. J

    Woods or Anderson at Flex in PPR

    Woods vs. TB Anderson vs. DET would you even consider Ballage vs. NYJ?
  5. J

    Golladay or Fuller?

    PPR...start 2WR and a Flex Thinking of J.Brown vs. DAL and Fuller vs. NE and Carson vs.MN at Flex. Would you start Golladay vs. CHI over Fuller vs. NE?  Other WR are R.Anderson vs. CIN, 
  6. J

    Which TE? Hock, McDonald, or Ebron

    I currently have Knox..Herdon out.  So which TE...Its a PPR league. If it matters, I have Golladay and JuJu(but contemplating to staart J.Brown over JuJu) Also Brate and J.Hill are out there...
  7. J

    Pick 1...Gurley, D.Williams

    Gurley has injury and rams still fighting...or Williams... is he better bet if ware starts or even if ware other rb is chubb
  8. J

    Which RB in PPR

    I will start Barkley Which other RB in PPR Fourtnette vs. TEN Ware vs. BAL Ingram vs. TB Edwards vs. KC?
  9. J

    Should I dare start eli over Rivers?

    Rivers...Gordon hurt more passing
  10. J

    Start 2: Chubb, Gus, 4nett, Mixon

    Chubb and 4Net
  11. J

    Can only start 1. Help! WHIR

  12. J

    Winston or Prescott?

    Prescott.....Winston on too short of a leash
  13. J

    Fournette or Breida

    PPR league... Forunette vs. Buffalo Brieda vs. TB Typically I would go Fournette...they going against good Def and Breida gonig against TB which gives up yards
  14. J

    Which WR in PPR?

    Tough call this week.  Pick 3 in PPR.. Jefferies vs. NO Schuester vs. Jags Golladay vs. CAR Sanders vs. Chargers
  15. J

    J.Brown or Golloday in PPR?

    I know Golloday has MN Def but without Tate, he becomes bigger target Brown has the Pit Def which has not been great.. Which way...PPR league