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  • Running 2 pools this season. Last Man Standing SurvivorPool and a Confidence Power Ranking Pool.. Hit me up for details or check out my posts / topics.

    Rank all 12 NFL teams competing in the NFL Playoffs from strongest (12 points) to weakest (1 point). All picks must be in before the first playoff game starts and cannot be changed once the games are underway. Members are awarded the number of points assigned to an NFL team when that team wins, with a multiplier for each round. Good luck to everyone. If you have any questions, please con...

    NFL Power Ranking Playoff Pool... details on my topics page...all are welcome to play

    Only thing harder than dealing with week 1 is week2.... continued inconsistencies and more injuries!!!

    You guys are missing out-- my Last Man Standing Survivor Pool is the ####.. don't be scared.. check out my TOPICS for info... Too much of a challenge for ya?

    Instructions for joining the pool entitled 'TK'


    I recently set up an online NFL Survivor Pool at If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to

    2. Enter the following information:

    a. In the Pool ID box, enter the number 10363

    b. In the Pool Password box, enter 'survivor' (without th...

    Ribs, Roasted red potatoes, Corn on the Cobb, Beer and my Jets.. I love my Life....

    be back later.. gotta check out my other forums.... Have a great Friday night all.. be safe...

    Last Man Standing - Survivor Pool -small buy in, HUGE pay out!!! hit me up for details.

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