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    TE Travis Kelce, KC

    So week one, Would you play Kelce over Green?
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    TE Travis Kelce, KC

    In one of my deep leagues, I plan on starting him of Ladarius Green due to Dwayne Bowe's suspension. Anyone else doing anything similar?
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    Tampa mike now buffalo mike

    Anyone who says Stevie will be released doesnt understand the situation. -One of the toughest rooute runners to cover in the NFL. -One of the best route runners also. -If the Bills cut him, I believe he will only save the Bills 50,000 or something like that. -Johnson is their best reciever...
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    Official CJ Spiller Written By: Kyle Wright Follow on Twitter: @Kyle_Wright The 2013 NFL season was suppose to be CJ Spiller’s big year. It looked like he was about to become one of the NFL’s elite running backs. Instead it was filled with...
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    Spiller vs Charles vs McCoy

    Here is my take on who you should draft
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    Player Spotlight: C.J. Spiller, RB, Buffalo Bills
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    2021 Buffalo Bills - Same as it ever was*** Article I wrote on Spiller for the 2013 season.. Feel free to comment and check it out!
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    2021 Buffalo Bills - Same as it ever was***

    Look for Buffalo to go hard for Ellerbe in FA and Dwayne Bowe if he isn't franchised. Bills have plenty of cap to sign Byrd, Levitre, & McKelvin this offseason.
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    McCoy or Spiller?

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    NFL Draft Question

    I should be good then. Anyone else expierence the draft before in person?
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    NFL Draft Question

    How many people can get in the draft? Couple 100 or couple 1000? What time does everyone start waiting in line?
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    NFL Draft Question

    I'm flying from Orlando to NYC to see the draft during day one. My flight lands in Newark, NJ at 6pm the night before. I read last year fans that wanted to attend had to get tickets the night before. Does anyone have any information on ticket info or how long the lines were while waiting to pick...
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    Doug Marrone named HC of Bills

    Hackett worked for the Bill's... His dad is a legendary HC also (Paul Hackett)
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    Harvard study - get paid to watch football in your own home! Legit

    21.00 in my acct. thank you Harvard.
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    >>>> Owning McFadden <<<<

    How? Bills have been a top 3 run defense all of November