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$200 Budget, Auction Dynasty Keeper League

$10 minimum keeper costs for FA/Waiver pickups that were undrafted or drafted for less than $10. $10 keeper minimum for players drafted under $10. Can keep as many players as you can budget.

Traditional PPR Scoring (12 Team) Roster(2016 keeper cost listed):

QB: $10 Ryan Tannehill, $10 Sam Bradford

RB: $10 Mark Ingram, $53 LeSean McCoy, $10 Carlos Hyde, $26 TJ Yeldon, $29 Ameer Abdullah, $11 Matt Jones, $10 Jay Ajayi (IR)

WR: $10 Odell Beckham Jr, $10 TY Hilton, $10 Allen Robinson

TE: $10 Austin Seferian-Jenkins, $10 Gary Barnidge

K: Chandler Catanzaro

DEF: Carolina