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2014 TEAM - 12 team 2 keeper league, traditional scoring (no ppr)
(1 pt/10 yd rush/rec, 1 pt 25 yd passing, 6 rush/rec td, 4 pass td, 2 pt bonus for 40+ td)

start 1 qb, 1 rb, 1 rb/wr, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 d/st, 1 k

QB: big ben, hoyer
RB: ingram, cj anderson, tre mason, jeremy hill, frank gore
WR: antonio brown, dez, ty hilton, keenan allen
TE: delanie walker, rudolph
D/ST: PHI, PIT (streaming based on match-ups)

K: parkey

2005, 2010 league champion