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    RB/WR Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL

    I'd start any random 10-point flex over Swift. The fact that most paysite ranking services have Swift ranked (as a top 20 RB) over Jamaal Williams right now, given public info directly from the coach is ridiculous and harmful to their customers. The risk with Swift makes him unstartable to me.
  2. Leroy's Aces

    QB Deshaun Watson, CLE

    But, like in real life, in real society, to normal people that don't have crazy fetishes...he is a piece of ####, right?
  3. Leroy's Aces

    WR Michael Thomas, NO

    Missed the last two seasons. Multiple surgeries on the ankle. Still not ready in June of 2022. Only rostered due to contract adjustments to keep team out of cap hell. Team drafted WR Chris Olave in 1st round. Signed Jarvis Landry recently. Occam's Razor. He's done.
  4. Leroy's Aces

    FFPC dynasty and redraft thread

    Thanks for the feedback. That all makes sense.
  5. Leroy's Aces

    FFPC dynasty and redraft thread

    Hi guys, All rookie drafts are now scheduled to start on May 7th.  Due to the sheer number of leagues and to avoid potential server issues, we prefer to stagger them. In 2023, we may opt to start 1/2 on the Friday after the draft and the other 1/2 on Saturday to both avoid server lag and...
  6. Leroy's Aces

    Poll: Do you play only redraft, only Dynasty, or do you play both?

    So, and all due respect for all your posts, you have 43,000+ posts on a fantasy football forum and have owned one fantasy football team annually for the past 20 years? All I can say is that FBG needs more posters like you, my friend. :)
  7. Leroy's Aces

    RB Alex Collins, SEA

    Alex Collins is a super-cheap late round RB flyer and all he has to do ensure that value is work hard (like he always has) and let Penny continue to suck or be injured as he has done his entire NFL "career". 
  8. Leroy's Aces

    QB Aaron Rodgers, GB

    Other than being a HOF QB, and a competent Jeopardy host, Rodgers is a darn good golfer with a clutch putter.
  9. Leroy's Aces

    WR Rashod Bateman, BAL

    How discerning of you. One could argue: Chase, Waddle, Smith, Moore, Moore, Bateman, Toney, plus a few sleepers like Nico and Eskridge.  Speaking of talent, Bateman was outproduced by lowly 5th rounder Tyler Johnson in 2019.
  10. Leroy's Aces

    WR Rashod Bateman, BAL

    I find it interesting to hear all of the nuanced arguments about how the Ravens "could throw more" and "if X happens, then maybe they improve to the 25th lowest passing team in the NFL". Occam's Razor and experience tells me it is much easier to simply cross Bateman off my rookie dynasty WR list...
  11. Leroy's Aces

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    FWIW, has it: Claypool - 18.5 Jeudy - 17.8 Sutton - 17.4 Waddle - 16.6 Chark - 15.0 Bateman - 14.0 and  Gallup - 10.4
  12. Leroy's Aces

    WR Julio Jones, TB

    The Rams are offering a 2027 1st. 
  13. Leroy's Aces

    2021 Rookie drafts

    FFPC drafts include a lot of free agents, due to cutting to 16 players. Guys like Mike Davis (early) and Jared Cook (1.5 PPR) and QBs like Matt Ryan are available.
  14. Leroy's Aces

    RB Michael Carter, NYJ

    This point makes a lot of sense and if you made it a personal rule (I rarely draft 4th+ round WRs, but love 2nd-3rd round WRs), I would not blame you. In this case, I am willing to consider that: 1. The GM said he would have taken Carter at 66 had they not traded the pick. So, the Jets had him...
  15. Leroy's Aces

    Want to move somewhere warm. Where to go?

    The key is subduing your emotions about the person you plan to kill. (Otherwise, who gives a #### about wait times?)