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    Punt and Kickoff Returners '08

    Does anyone think Eddie Royal being named a starter on offense will decrease his # of returns? Right now I still see Martinez is still listed as primary KR and Royal as PR on the FBG depth charts.
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    Punt and Kickoff Returners '08

    If you get 1 point for every return along with other standard scoring (1 pt per 10 yards, 6pt TD) and Hester/Cribbs are off the board, who would you take? Or if Hester and Cribbs are gone, do you wait until one or two of the next tier (Breaston, Figurs, Ginn, Sproles, Rossum) are left since...
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    Willis vs Posluszny vs Beason

    Just curious why you have Poz ranked ahead of Willis in the redraft LB rankings if you feel Willis is a better choice in redraft or dynasty.