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Waiting for a Lions victory--one game at a time!

Team 1:

(8 team no ppr league, 1 pt/50 yds pass, 1 pt/20 yds rec/rush)

QB: T Brady, P Manning

RB: C Benson, S Slaton, R Rice, R Grant

WR: R Moss, C Ochocinco, M Manningham, M Sims-Walker, M Davis

TE: V Davis

PK: D Akers

DEF: Philadelphia, Green Bay

Team 2:

(10 team no ppr league, 1 pt/25 yds pass, 1 pt/10 yds rec/rush)

QB: A Rodgers, E Manning

RB: R Brown, T Jones, P Thomas

WR: R Moss, A Johnson, M Manningham, J Cotchery, D Hester, N Washington

TE: J Finley

PK: J Carney

DEF: Denver, Indianapolis