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    Wesley Woodyard

    I wasn't watching the game that closely, but it did appear to me that he was getting a lot of snaps and I think he did lead the team in tackles. I just checked the every down LB thread and he is listed there. Was he never taken off? Was he off and now is back on? How does DJ Williams potential...
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    Daryl Smith Jax LB

    Smith is coming back soon and his replacement has put up very nice tackle numbers the past 3 weeks. What can we expect from Smith upon his return (after bye week 6 i believe)? he seems to have been about an 80 solo tackle and 3 sack guy over the last few years.
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    Tamba Hali

    Just looked at football guys projections this week and Houston and Hali are about the same 1/2 a sack and about 3-4 tackles. Any other input from anybody
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    Tamba Hali

    I'm in a sack heavy IDP league. I drafted Hali bit early knowing he had a 1 game suspension. I was willing to wait. Now i am tired of waiting. Does anybody know any thing about his situation. Somebody had 3 sacks for them while Hali wasn't even in the stat line. Please let me know?
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    JPP, why?

    Took a little bit of time to think about this point and it is a very valid one, but look at the sackers that play in the NFC East- JPP and the rest of the Giant's ends, Ware, Babin and Cole, and even the Redskins had Orakpo and Kerrigan. So is it that these teams had horrific pass blockers or...
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    Terrell Suggs - Torn Achilles

    Just saw scroll on ESPN that Suggs has been placed on PUP eligible to come back for week 7. Small print (my eyes are getting old far faster than me), but I thought it said he thought he could return by the halfway point. Any guesses what the chances are of this happening and how well could he...
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    Who is this year's Matthew Stafford?

    In my league last year I was hoping to land Stafford in the middle rounds. He went at the end of round 2 in a 15 team league and I don't think he received near the hype of Ryan this year. This year I draft from the 3 hole and I am considering taking him in round 3 if he is there...I don't know...