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Markus P Dub
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    Oh no..I posted this in the wrong spot. My apologies to the forum. I will make my posts in the correct forum next time.

    we just use DT/DE/LB/CB/S

    one start each

    DT this week is T. Crawford

    DE is Everson Griffin

    LB choices are Miller, James

    CB is Jamar Taylor (I stream this position)

    S is Karl Joesph

    Markus P Dub
    Markus P Dub
    hmmm ok.  Well in theory you have 2 DLs that are high risk already so I would probably go James just to secure some points.  Interesting set up though.  We just use 5 IDP flex; plug in anyone you want.  But with your positional system it makes for some tough decisions.

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