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  1. misfit74

    2014 Combined Rookie Draft Board

    How can LB Telvin Smith's (lofty) ranking be justified given former SEA WLB's haven't historically produced well? I get the opportunity part in that starting WLBs typically have good IDP value, but in a Seahawks-based defense, such as what Gus Bradley runs in Jacksonville, can't we point to guys...
  2. misfit74

    2011 Every Down Linebacker Thread

    Quick question on Rolle, can someone confirm if he's playing the WLB or SLB spot regularly? Obviously, I'll review depth charts but you all know how those can be. Thanks!
  3. misfit74

    2011 Every Down Linebacker Thread

    Thanks for the updates. Are you certain about Brian Rolle playing in the Nickel? I saw him come off the field an awful lot re-watching that game last night.
  4. misfit74

    A.J. Hawk

    Is he worth holding on to? He produced much better last season and I'm wondering if he can/will rebound into a viable bye week fill-in or better? Scoring: 1.75 Solos 0.75 Assists 2 PDs 4 FFs 5 Sacks or INTs 6 TDs
  5. misfit74

    2011 Every Down Linebacker Thread

    I saw a lot of Curry on Sunday vs. the Falcons. I'm curious to know how the snaps broke down.
  6. misfit74

    Lawrence Timmons

    I think the PIT D-line is declining somewhat, affecting the linebackers behind them - such as Timmons. He's a great player but a function within the defense as a whole. Timmons is getting blocked more often. I'd buy low or hold tight (at least in Dynasty leagues, which is all I play in).
  7. misfit74

    2011 Every Down Linebacker Thread

    Man, this is a great thread of information. :D I'll second the analysis of Leroy Hill given by the above posters/Bramel. Hill cannot be counted upon to remain on the field across downs consistently. The team mixes and matches and has been doing that in part due to injury and in part due to...
  8. misfit74

    Desmond Bishop

    LB1 with easy top-10 production potential. If you haven't gotten him yet, it might be too late. Buy low or hold.
  9. misfit74

    4th-Year Dynasty PPR League - Two Teams Available

    I have two teams open, must be active and experienced. Email me (below) to get more info and request an invite. This is a FREE league heading into it's 4th year. 12-team, PPR, Start: QB, RB, RB, WR/RB, TE, K. Deeeeep Rosters. Teams available finished 1st and 4th this season, so they are good...
  10. misfit74

    3rd-Year Dynasty League Opening (1)

    No IDP. Start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, K. PPR scoring. Free.
  11. misfit74

    3rd-Year Dynasty League Opening

    This Dynasty league is heading into it's 3rd year. 12-team PPR. One or two teams available. Must be active experienced. Free. Hosted on ESPN and also has off-site msg. board, as well. Thanks for your interest. Please email a bit about yourself/experience to apply for the available team, put...
  12. misfit74

    3rd-Year Dynasty League Opening (1)

    This Dynasty league is heading into it's 3rd year. 12-team PPR. One team available. Must be active experienced. Note: the available team features some quality players but certainly needs some work. Current roster includes: Gore, Calvin Johnson, and more. Please email a bit about...
  13. misfit74

    Two Teams Available Teams are Bandits and Kings. FCFS! Email:
  14. misfit74

    Beason's Value?

    Does his value drop with this development regarding the Carolina D-Line losing Kemoeatu ? Beason is still on the board at 1.04 of my defensive draft. Drafted so far (I pick at 4) are: Willis, Peppers, Ruud. Defense Solo Tackles: 2 points Assisted Tackles: 1 point Sacks: 3 points Safeties...