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    Chris Henry

    Obviously the suspension affects his value but I really feel strongly that once he comes back, he will have a major impact on this team. CJ isn't getting any younger and Henry made a bunch of big plays last season. I think he could be a major sleeper on draft day given his suspension. Does...
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    Attention CJ owners - please send me your thanks....

    I'll probably pull out a win, but total points is our tiebreaker so it still hurts!
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    Attention CJ owners - please send me your thanks....

    I played Kevin Jones, Ronnie Brown, T.O. and Boldin this I am sure that contributed to his going off!
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    Any update on Bernard Pollard?

    I haven't heard a thing about him all to drop in redraft leagues?
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    OK Vick owners, huddle up

    I am in the same boat and I traded Bulger..........God please don't make me regret this!
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    Lamont Jordan vs Fast Willie

    You'd rather have Parker right? Its not even close.........just want to make I am not losing my mind or missing something. Someone just offered that to me..........
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    Continue the Friday Blitz in-season?

    Thursday blitz would be even better! BTW....can you PLEASE trade me a RB in XTreem!!!!!!?????? lol
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    Anyone think Lamont Jordan is a buy low candidate?

    His value will be lower next weekend when Ray Ray shuts them out again.....
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    Anyone think Lamont Jordan is a buy low candidate?

    Because I'm selling! :cry:
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    D. Ryans vs G. Hayes

    My teams in your leagues aren't nearly as dominant as they are when you aren't around......
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    D. Ryans vs G. Hayes

    I'm not sure there's a right answer here. I'm struggling with this decision in a couple of leagues myself. I'm leaning toward waiting on Ryans for a bit would you start ryans with these options - need 3 - Zach, Mike Pete, Morgan, Kawika, Demeco, Hayes?
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    How do you find the IDP sleepers?

    You're a legend Reb.... Although Derrick Gibson didn't quite work out so well...... ;)
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    Need some help....

    If Donnie Edwards plays, you have to start him......
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    Need some help....

    Hey - normally I feel pretty comfortable with my lineup decisions but I could use some help this year... .5/tackle or assist 2/sack 3/int,ff,fr 3/td LBs (choose 3) Zach Thomas Mike Peterson Demeco Ryans Dan Morgan Kawika Mitchell Gerald Hayes DBs (choose 2) Michael Lewis Peanut...
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    IDP LB Start/Bench

    I'd go with Mitchell over Trotter........Cinn is going to rely heavily on Rudi....