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  1. nelmel

    (1) opening in 4th year (16) team Dynasty

    This team also had the #1 overall pick Picks: 1,2,2,4,5,6,7,8
  2. nelmel

    (1) opening in 4th year (16) team Dynasty

    ***$60.00*** We are looking for (1) owner with the desire to compete in our dynasty league. Our league is currently going on its 4th year, and we are a 365 day/year league! We have very deep rosters, including IDP. We utilize taxi squads, blind bidding on free agents and have an annual salary...
  3. nelmel

    16 Team Salary/Contract/IDP/PPR League needs owner(s)

    Im intetested in taking this team. Please send me a link to the by-laws.
  4. nelmel

    Looking to start a "Free" contract/Salary Cap Dynasty

    As the title implies, I would like to get a new Contract/Salary Cap start up , and get it rolling like yesterday! This league would be very deep, with IDP/PPR and carry Taxi Squad. If there is anyone that had experience with these type of leagues and would be interested in co-commissioning...
  5. nelmel

    Need 1 for free league!

    You can email me:
  6. nelmel

    Need 1 for free league!

    12 team, traditional, ppr re-draft league that is run on 1/QB 2/RB 2/WR 1/TE 1/FLEX K Def 7 Bench Draft Starts Sunday Aug 10th @ 8:00pm eastern
  7. nelmel

    Evaluating Interest

    Seeking owners from the Ohio Valley and surrounding states of Kentucky to form a "Live"draft league. The draft would be held in the magnificent city of Louisville Ky. It would be a cool way to meet other owners from around the geographical states, and give you an excuse to get away one weekend...
  8. nelmel

    Advanced level 32 team IDP auction style league with 2-3 openings

    I would like to take one of these teams!
  9. nelmel

    Need 1 Owner for *Free* League!

    The league is a standard 12 team re-draft hosted by If your just looking for some fun, and bragging rights, then look no further. I currently have 11 solid owners. Email if interested:
  10. nelmel

    1 opening in (3rd yr) 16 team IDP league!

    Our league is in its third year, and very active. Lots of trading going on this year, and owners are always looking to improve their franchise. We utilize a blind bid waiver system, also carry practice squad players. This league is pretty deep (currently 42 man rosters) plus the taxi squad. We...
  11. nelmel

    1 opening in (3rd) year dynasty & IDP

    Site: 1 team available: Forum: Need an owner who wants to join a great group, and someone who doesn't mind investing some time in...
  12. nelmel

    32 Team $50 money League needs teams!

    Also, is it going to be a slow email draft?
  13. nelmel

    32 Team $50 money League needs teams!

    How many openings do you have?
  14. nelmel

    Roster Wars seeking owners

    How much is the league fee?
  15. nelmel

    14-Team IDP Dynasty League - SPOT FILLED

    Do you still need someone to fill this team?