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  1. northern exposure

    RB Jeff Wilson, MIA

    Although the Dolphins next 5 opponents (Niners, Chargers, Bills, Packers, Patriots) are considerably tougher than their previous 5 opponents (Steelers, Lions,Bears, Browns and Texans). I wouldn't say Wilson is a "set it and forget it" option at RB.
  2. northern exposure

    RB Jeff Wilson, MIA

    Wilson not doing much in the 1st half. :shrug:
  3. northern exposure

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    16 team ppr dynasty. I'm currently in 3rd place and have been trying to get a deal done with the 15th place team for Jeff Wilson Jr. He has now asked for my 2023 1st for Wilson, Samaje Perine and the 4th place team's 2023 2nd. Good deal for me or just a few quarters for a buck?
  4. northern exposure

    RB Jeff Wilson, MIA

    To a team in 15th place in a 16 team league, I thought a 2nd was a good offer. Wilson's contract is up at the end of the season iirc, so might not be back with Miami next season. The other owner sent an offer of my 1st for Wilson. I rejected it.
  5. northern exposure


    I could be wrong, but I think he is saying your trading partner should have got more for Deebo than Wilson and Conner. You won the trade imo.
  6. northern exposure

    RB Jeff Wilson, MIA

    In a 16 tm ppr dynasty I offered Kenyan Drake and my 2023 2nd for Wilson (on 15th place team's roster). Rejected with no counter. :shrug: Seemed like fair value to me.
  7. northern exposure


    Good job. I have been trying to trade Dalton in a 12 tm SF dynasty and can't even get a 5th for him.
  8. northern exposure

    Alex Singleton

    He was a stud in the CFL and put up great numbers in his 3 seasons with the Eagles. I'm not sure why Philly let him walk. If he's on the field in any game I watch, he always seems to be around the ball.
  9. northern exposure

    Streaming or currently airing TV shows (AKA Netflix thread)

    That would be Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
  10. northern exposure

    Dynasty draft pick trade

    There's no way I would accept that offer for just the 1.01 or 1.02 pick and you're asking for the 2.01 or 2.02 pick too? Easy REJECT. You can't expect to offer a bunch of nickels and dimes for a dollar.
  11. northern exposure

    2022 IDP News and Notes

    Of course he is beasting tonight as he sits on my bench.
  12. northern exposure

    2022 IDP News and Notes

    Any insight regarding what happened with Frankie Luvu LB CAR against the Bengals? He only put up 1 solo and 2 Tackle Assists.
  13. northern exposure


    You see Etienne as a top 5 RB? Top 10 ok, but top 5....I'm not buying it. Too small of a sample size.