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    2022 New York Jets: I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

    Sometimes Huff looks like he hits the nitrous oxide button like in the Fast and Furious. Damn he's fast off the edge. Not sure how he wasn't even active those first couple of games.

    2022 New York Jets: I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

    Anyone that watched the game or even highlights had to wonder how many times Wilson would have run backwards on White's drop-backs. Mininum 50% of the time. Maybe 70% of the time. I couldn't help but picture it because that's what Wilson has done all season. Run at the first sign of pressure...

    **Bears at Jets** (-7, 38.5)

    Mike White Superstar!

    2022 New York Jets: I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

    The Jets have to make a change at QB. Wilson can go kick rocks. It's funny how quickly we moved from this is a year to develop Wilson to this is a team ready to compete for the playoffs. It's not fair to the rest of the team to have him perform so poorly and to have a bad attitude on top of...

    Alex Singleton

    Griffith is hurt for weeks and perhaps for the season. It looks like Singleton will be the starter. Pick up this tackle machine while you can.

    RB Breece Hall, NYJ

    As I've gotten older, I shrug it off by the next day, but that might just be because I'm jaded from years of my sports teams being terrible. I can remember being upset all week back in younger days. Still, this sucks. It was like a kick in the nuts when he went down. Not just to the Jets, but to...

    RB Breece Hall, NYJ

    I just want to puke. Just brutal. It's never easy to be a Jets fan.

    Worst. Fantasy. Season. Ever.

    Last week I had so many injuries plus bye weeks that I barely paid attention to my fantasy teams and just enjoyed watching my Jets crush GB. Then I watched KC vs Buf. For once I didn't watch some terrible teams just to follow a player. It was the best football Sunday that I've had in a long...

    RB Gus Edwards, BAL

    Yeah or he goes back on IR for the rest of the season. Sounds like he will be activated on Saturday.
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    MTV's The Challenge (and other reality shows)

    The Challenge USA was mostly pretty boring. I didn't love episode 1 of season 38, but tonight's second episode was pretty good. Having Bananas back made the show better. Adding Jordan helps, too.
  11. NYRAGE

    **LA Rams at SF 49'ers** (-1.5) (42)

    At least there is some excitement watching him run a route with the unlikely potential for a catch unlike Kittle, the best third offensive tackle in football.
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    Bold Predictions for 2022
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    RB Khalil Herbert, CHI

    I liked my hc bands to be a little harder than Murphy's Law, but "Crucial BBQ" isn't bad. It actually put me in the mood to play this now: As far as Herbert goes, I'm playing against him in a few leagues, so I hope he doesn't go off.
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    2022 New York Jets: I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

    The worst part is that we get these coaches that have their systems and aren't willing to bend it to fit the strength of the players we already have. So, Gase had his vertical game and we drafted Mims and Perine. Then we shift to Saleh/MLF, so we need an offensive line that can move and...