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Welcome to Pink Salt Tiles

PinkSaltTiles was established in 2017. We are a US-based company with our head office located at 8174 Snowfall Dr, Manassas, VA 20112 We started our business with an aim to become a market leader in providing high quality Pure Natural Himalayan salt tiles wholesale Products to the customers.

We enter this market with clear aims and goals. Our primary goal was to become a market leader who is providing top-quality products to its customers. We are dealing in Himalayan salt products like Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks and Wholesale Salt Tiles.

We believe in delivering the best to the customers. This keeps our customers happy and satisfied with our high quality products and they keep buying from us with confidence.
We are operating all over the USA territory. Our valuable customers are present in every state and region. We are delivering quality products to our customers within no time. We are offering free shipping services to all our clients within the USA. Pink Salt Tiles Wholesale

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