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    Pick up Michael Carter or Khalil Herbert on waivers-PPR league

    Both Michael Carter and Khalil Herbert are on waiver wire in PPR league. Have Damien Williams but dropping him.
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    Waiver pick up Damien Harris, McKissac, or Elijah Mitchell.

    Hi there. Full point PPR league. 10 teams.  Know Gibson is playing hurt.  Had Mitchell but had to drop him in the bye due to too many injured RBs such as Chubb and Carson.  Picked up Gaskin but want to drop him and pick up either D. Harris, McKissac or Elijah Mitchell or running back help the...
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    Pick up Cordarelle Patterson or James White and dump Elijah Mitchell?

    Well I just picked up Elijah MItchell this week off waivers and while it wasn't the best game, it was good that Trey Sermon didn't do much either.  However, Patterson and James White are both available in PPR league so wasn't sure if I should try to get once of these instead.  Short Bench league...
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    Devonta Smith vs. Christian Kirk

    I just picked up Devonta Smith off of the Waiver wire but Christian Kirk is still available in our league and there was a lot of hype about him being a great waiver wire pick this week.  When I look at full season rankings going forward, Sigmund Bloom has Devonta Smith as 34 and Kirk as 52. ...
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    Devonta Smith vs. Christian Kirk

    I picked up Devonta Smith last night on Waivers but Christian Kirk is still available.  The Waiver Wire is talking up Kirk like the big add this week but then Sigmund Bloom has him as #55 WR for the rest of the year and Devonta Smith as 34th or something like that.  Just wanted to make sure I...