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Jan 10, 1975 (Age: 48)


<p>Firefighter, Sports commentary writer, and also providing fantasy sports analysis. NYC is the home, but the Perspective is global. Please check out my website and add on Twitter for more Fantasy talk. for past articles & other sports to add on Twitter"Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" with "Play 'Em/Pass 'Em" every Wednesday

12 year strong, 1 Keeper Re-Draft. PPR, all TD's 6pts, Standard Scoring. 1 R/W/T FlexQB: Luck, (Newton)RB: T.Richardson, Lacy, (Pierce, Bolden, D.Johnson, D.Brown)WR: Hilton, Douglas, (Bowe, My.Brown, Kerley, Simpson) *JulioTE: Reed (Fleener) K: HauschkaDST: Bengals