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    Week 10 Sunday AM Questions for Bloom

    Hi PPR league. Original line up WR Calvin Johnson RB Bobby Rainey Flex Erick Decker Flex Anquan Bolding TE Jimmy Grahamm Bench Sammy Watkins Bench Frank Gore Bench Fred Jackson Given that Fred Jackson and Sammy Watkins are active, and reading on the other posts that Jackson seems all...
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    **Sunday AM Questions for Bloom - Week 4**

    Need QB2, burnd by Cousins on Thursday. Alex Smish Ryan Fitzpatrick Terry Bridgewatter Ryan Tannehill TD=6pt INT= -3 pt
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    David Wilson vs ATL Defense

    Hi Last week my opponent put Morgan Burnett to play against my Calvin Johnson effectively counteracting his points on my PPR league. *Burnett got 10pts, Johnson 17 for a delta of 7. I needed 15 to win. This week I got David Wilson and I do not want this same thing to happen again. Who are the...