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    Post-Draft Bloom 100

    Bloom - you called Spikes a WR.
  2. phthalatemagic

    1979 Pittsburgh Steelers

    What was the steroid usage?
  3. phthalatemagic

    LT I arrested in alleged rape

    cocaine's a hell of a drug
  4. phthalatemagic

    DAL WR Dez Bryant's Prospects?

    I see people are going nuts over Bryant. Anyone going to put some predictions down for how he'll do in 2010?
  5. phthalatemagic

    Ask a zookeeper

    Are there any animals that appear to be menacing but are surprisingly docile?
  6. phthalatemagic

    Ask a zookeeper

    Would you allow interspecies dating? Say if a zebra and a muskrat approached you about their love, would you let them visit each other? If not, why not?
  7. phthalatemagic

    Arizona passes nation's toughest immigration law

    :unsure: Not awkward for me. Then again, my Mexican friends don't think I'm anti-immigrant. I think this is probably consistent for many folks around here. I wager the people that are for the law don't associate with hispanics/Mexicans too much. I've also never checked anyone's papers either.
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  9. phthalatemagic

    Arizona passes nation's toughest immigration law

    I understand (and agree) about long term positive effects of illegal immigration, but you act as if there is short term positive effects too. What are they? Be specific.
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    Giving my iPad to mom for mother's day. I hope she likes it :excited:
  11. phthalatemagic

    Vince Young and Tim Tebow

    Jesus. :banned:
  12. phthalatemagic

    Before L.A. there was

    I don't think he understands anything. Wouldn't worry about him too much.
  13. phthalatemagic

    Vince Young and Tim Tebow

    :lmao:He's a :homer: Hell, his name is bornahorn. There's no getting through to the guy.