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    2022 Philadelphia Eagles - CJGJ injury makes way for “scrappy” “high motor” “gritty” “lunch pail” “gym rat” suburban dad folk hero Reed Blankenship
  2. Pigskin Fanatic

    Week 12 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    the bolded hit the bullseye. non-ppr, so that would make zeke even more value than samaje now that i think about it. great points.
  3. Pigskin Fanatic

    Week 12 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    IF we assume Mixon is out this week, Zeke at home v Giants or Perine @ Tennesee? start 2 RB, my other RB will be Pollard. I have all four of mixon, perine, zeke, and pollard. if mixon was for sure out, or if he was 100% okay, then i'd take mixon or perine over zeke in a heartbeat. but there is...
  4. Pigskin Fanatic

    waiver wire, blind bidding question.

    agree with gally above. might be cliche, but it's the people, not the rule. there really isn't enough rules to regulate things like this in a blind bid waiver system. in my long running league there is an overarching "rule" that every owner commits to a honor system and such douchebaggery would...
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    MNF **Washington at Philadelphia** (-10.5, 43.5)

    that's some gameplanning right there :laugh:
  6. Pigskin Fanatic

    RB Ezekiel Elliott, DAL

    Option A: Option B: you know how sometimes you get those multiple choice options where it feels obvious the other answer is just a filler and not really an option but then it turns out to be a trick question. this is kind of like that.
  7. Pigskin Fanatic

    Grandma Wood's Fried Chicken recipe

    how is that story not a movie yet!
  8. Pigskin Fanatic

    2022 Philadelphia Eagles - CJGJ injury makes way for “scrappy” “high motor” “gritty” “lunch pail” “gym rat” suburban dad folk hero Reed Blankenship

    this was quite pronounced last night. I don't remember this being a problem at the start of the season, but i think jordan was out a game a few weeks ago. is he maybe not 100%?
  9. Pigskin Fanatic

    Stock Thread

    UWMC made me positive for the day :love: who woulda thunk it. still well below my basis, but i did dca down a bit a few weeks ago and the dividend is still good for next quarter so in it for the long haul on this one.(y) RKT at its height was in the high 20s, so hoping in a year or two this one...
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    What Do You Need on MNF? Week 8 edition

    I only have 1 win to my name and it's a lost season, but this is the first monday night game where i actually have a chance, so let's go! non-PPR, down 39.6 points. have Mixon, HIggins and Boyd in my starting lineup. nothing left on my opponent's roster. just need one of these guys to have a...
  11. Pigskin Fanatic

    Chance Eagles Finish Regular Season Undefeated? - Update 11/14: 0%

    WK 9 @ HOU WK 10 WAS WK 11 @ IND WK 12 GB WK 13 TEN WK 14 @ NYG WK 15 @ CHI WK 16 @ DAL WK 17 NO WK 18 NYG if the Eagles are undefeated after Week 16, very little chance starters are on the field week 17 and zero chance they are on the field week 18. Everyone in NFCE would have 2 division...
  12. Pigskin Fanatic

    WR Ja'Marr Chase, CIN a bit confused by this, those injuries sound like they're not a overnight kind of thing so why not put him on IR?
  13. Pigskin Fanatic

    WR Michael Thomas, NO

    there was news on Roto/CBS two weeks ago that this foot injury initially came with a 4 week timetable, which should have put him back on the field this week against the Raiders. technically last week, but had a Thursday game so (un)officially this week. the brass heard this from the doctors and...
  14. Pigskin Fanatic

    San Francisco 49ers - Eli Mitchell out 6-8 weeks. Jordan Mason is gonna get his chance

    this is like four running backs plus a te and receiver. lance is still the answer here at qb even with CMC in the mix? full disclosure i didn't watch any of lance's games before he got hurt.
  15. Pigskin Fanatic

    WR Tyler Lockett, SEA i don't know how this qualifies as an update but tis the state of the nfl with its new and improved questionable is the same as probable designation. jokes aside, it's the hammy so it's understandable, won't know what you don't know...