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    What's up with Jerious Norwood?

    What is going on with Jerious Norwood? Is he worth rostering in a 12 team league? Other options are Maurice Morris and Kolby Smith.
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    Is Jason Campbell starting for sure?

    I need to know if there is any chance Jason Campbell will be benched for the upcoming game (I know it is always possible after he starts). He is my only option this week in a high stakes league (waiver wire options are even worse) but I need to pick up someone from the waiver wire by tomorrow if...
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    Is Hasselbeck playing for sure?

    Unfortunately it is a late game, and I have to start Jason Campbell over Hasselbeck if there is any chance he will not play.
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    Is kevin Curtis done?

    Looks like kevin Curtis is out again. What is the chance Maclin takes his job permanently?
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    When will Anthony Gonzalez be back?

    Anyone know how many more weeks Anthony Gonzalez is expected to be out?
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    Is Hixon worth anything now?

    Won't Dominick Hixon be the starter when he returns? I know Manningham will play regardless, but Hixon looked good before his injury. Right now everyone seems to have dropped him. I was thinking about dropping Kevin Curtis for him.
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    Manningham, Knox, Edelman, or Wade - which Week 2 wonder?

    How would you order these 4 week 2 wonders for the entire season - PPR? I would probably put Johnny Knox first as he might start and has a good QB. Manningham is a close 2nd. I think Knox has a better chance of displacing Bennett than Manningham has of dsplacing Hixon, plus Nicks will also be...
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    What's going on with Jamaal Charles?

    Is Jamaal Charles in the doghouse for bad behavior or poor play?
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    Has Mark Bradley lost his starting job?

    Has Mark Bradley lost the WR2 spot?
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    Bo Scaife and Jared Cook updates?

    Any updates on Bo Scaifes injury? If he is out who replaces him - Jared Cook? What is Cooks injury status?
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    Who is the Miami wr2?

    Anyone know who is currently the wr2 - Bess or Camarillo? Or is it a committee?
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    Hixon or Steve Smith?

    Who to pick? Who is more likely to lose time to Nicks?
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    Who is the Dolphins WR2?

    I am hearing conflicting evidence on who is the Dolphins WR2? Is is Camarillo, Bess, Hartline, or some committee of 2 or 3?
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    Who is Willie Parker's handcuff now?

    Once Willie Parker is back, who is his handcuff? Will it be Melwede Moore?
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    Who is Steven Jackson's handcuff?

    Is Steven Jackson's handcuff still Travis Minor? Fantasy Guru lists Brian Leonard.