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    Trade for Ridley?

    Standard 10 team PPR, except 6/pass TD. Roster Trading Diggs for Ridley. I would get Ridley. - honestly it seems like a slight downgrade when I look at the numbers behind them. I would much rather like to trade Diontae Johnson for Ridley. I think that would turn out to be an upgrade for sure...
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    Weekly Rankings - Please stop removing players

    I don't make my decisions based on weekly rankings alone. Many things factor in, including ROS.
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    Weekly Rankings - Please stop removing players

    I look up players for various reasons as part of trade calculations. It's a real problem when players just disappear because they are out for a few weeks, or on a bye, or whatever, especially when they are almost certainly going to be back. I mean, they didn't retire.
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    RB Damien Williams, ATL

    You WANTED to? Why on earth would you do that? He's been awful all year except for week 1.
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    Trade Package (Trade Diggs for Brady+Montgomery?)

    The guy is trying to buy low. I wouldn't trade Diggs. I have him and his production was under par, but serviceable until week 5. Week 5 was kinda low. But the bills have had a fairly tough schedule so far, and they've gotten to the easy part.
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    Renfrow or Patrick going forward

    Week 4 I saw Carr looking for Renfrow before Waller. Have you seen his moves? He's destined for a breakout game, and soon, with Waller on the decline.
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    Trade Michael Thomas for Allen Robinson?

    Mooney has had the same QBs. He seems to be doing alright.
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    Trade Michael Thomas for Allen Robinson?

    Robinson is garbage this season for some reason. I think it's an injury he's keeping secret. Go with Thomas.
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    TRADE ADVICE -- Waller/Edmonds for Hockenson/Swift??

    I wouldn't do it. Waller is declining and Edmonds only gets work in the middle of the field. Can't say I feel great about Hockenson, but Swift gets a ton of targets. I would want a lot more for Swift.
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    LF Advice on trading

    IMO, after starting off using it a lot, the trade tool isn't necessarily something that's going to give you an advantage if you use it every single time. If you feel your own football knowledge is low, then it likely will get you into a better position, sure. But, I have noticed a few...
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    WR Allen Robinson, LAR

    FBG say players "regress to the mean" and that "not everyone's mean is the same". So basically, he's supposed to get better. I don't believe that. Something is wrong with him. Maybe he has a nagging hamstring issue from before the season started, and isn't on the injury report. Whatever it is...
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    Tyler Boyd

    Thank you. This is my roster/matchup. Personally, I would drop ruggs for boyd. I think Ruggs might have a big game tho. I'm 2-2 with an opponent who is 1-3, but he is always trading. He had one of the worst teams, and now easily has the best.
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    Tyler Boyd

    I'm new, so forgive me, but - I thought Boyd's value diminished when Higgins came back...and he is healthy this week. Why is Boyd ranked WR23, and Higgins ranked as WR30? Why is Boyd so high period? I'm in a tough matchup this week, and he's on the wire, wondering if I should grab him.
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    RB Joe Mixon, CIN

    So I'm guessing the nearly 275 ranking by FBG reflects the fact that Mixon is likely to get injured? I'm new, and I heard about how he got injured last year, and how the coaching staff was dishonest about it. So I said the hell with this and traded him away for Helaire. Best I could get. But I...
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    Snap Counts by Team?

    I have PFF Elite, and I know it's there, because FBG says they get this info from there. I just don't know how to find it. Could someone tell me how to find it? Support on that site ignores these types of questions. Please PM the answer.