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    Austin Seferian-Jenkins - What do you think?

    i don't understand why people worry about a team not having a qb right now. there's another draft next year...and the year after that. if you're projecting a gresham-like career it should be because you don't think ASF is a special player. what if evans bombs? what if they get the #1 pick next...
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    The Audible LIVE! - 11/07/2013 10PM ET

    gents, contract league question: i'm making a push for the championship and thinking of offering doug martin (signed through 2017) to a team that has been eliminated for mccoy (signed through 2015). after trading ray rice i'm left with woodhead and lynch as my starters. i have both gronk and...
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    Greg Little hype train

    figured i should show up to take my lumps. that was an ugly game, and little will not even approach the numbers i predicted for him. luckily i got him in the 9th and 10th rounds and didnt have to pay a premium, but i can't imagine starting him at any point this year.
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    Audible Live - 8/2 - Two Hours - 10 pm Eastern

    fellas, let's say wallace walks from our beloved steelers in 2013....what do you see for emmanuel sanders, provided he stays healthy? is he a potential WR2 like brown? as always, thanks for all you do. k-k-k-k-yeah-yah!
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    Steelers Extend Antonio Brown

    exactly how many games have you watched brown play? what does talent mean to you? just speed?
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    Steelers Extend Antonio Brown

    i love mike wallace but he's delusional if he thinks he's gonna get fitzgerald money. if he doesnt report, then sanders gets to show what he can do. either way, brown seems like a really nice kid and i'm happy for him.
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    Joe Paterno statue removed

    i agree. additionally, i would not characterize paterno as having made a mistake. i think a coverup for a pedophile reveals a serious character defect. this man sought and concentrated power and then eventually used it for criminal purposes. that is not a mistake.
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    do you think nfl players use PEDs? does it matter to you?

    it's an awfully violent game, and i would assume most guys in the league take something just so they can heal more quickly to keep playing. they sacrifice their bodies and we benefit by being entertained by their athletic prowess. i don't begrudge them whatever they need to do for physical...
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    Donald Brown, RB, Indianapolis Colts

    statistics are always contextual but are rarely used that way. i'd worry more about whether or not you like brown's chances at keeping the job. i wouldn't consider schedule for even 10 seconds. that said, i think brown could be a useful RB3 this year. maybe something like 1100 total yards, 6...
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    Adding a Flex or Two to Line-up Requirement

    i would say you WANT scarcity at positions, or at least the threat of it. it will force every owner to think out the permutations of how the draft might play out. some owners might think they can wait on TE or upside RBs, but if you have 2 flex spots those value plays might be gone. those that...
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    Greg Little, WR, Cleveland Browns

    THIS! as a steeler fan, i am really gonna miss colt mccoy. so much of their playbook was off the table because mccoy simply could not make those throws. i'll give him credit: the kid is tough. but he's really bad. when seneca wallace came in for him last year he took the team right down the...
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    ***The Audible LIVE*** 7/5/2012 10PM ET

    (first off, belated congrats to cecil on his ever-burgeoning influence across the airwaves of this great country of ours.) gentlemen, if the steelers resign wallace and extend brown, is it your expectation that sanders would be in enough demand to sign elsewhere, and then prosper? thanks
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    week 17 a myth?

    i got lucky one year and won a championship starting such luminaries as patrick hape, jesse chatman, ladell betts, and josh mccown because 4 of my starters sat out week 17. why invest 4 months into your hobby to end up with THAT as your starting lineup? what is there to gain by playing? this is...
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    Greg Little, WR, Cleveland Browns

    well, if i get him in the 7th/8th and i get your prediction i think i could live with that too. we only differ by 8 catches, 192 yds, and 3 TDs. now if i get that from julio in the 3rd it's gonna hurt.