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    LB waiver wire help

    Play 3 LB. Have J Jenkins, E Kendricks, R Shazier. Available: Burfict, Anthony, Alexander. If I pick up someone (would go for Burfict), should I drop Jenkins or Shazier? This is a keeper league. I can keep 2 def players from 2 different positions. Presently, would hold onto Kendricks.
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    LB waiver wire help - Smith, Barr, Davis, or Johnson

    10 person league. 1pt/solo, .5pt/assist, 3 pt sack, 1pt/ff, 2pt/stuff, 3pt/interception start 2, can have 3 LB: I have: Bowman Ogletree K Robinson would keep Bowman and Ogletree. On waiver wire, can get Thomas Davis, Tevin Smith, Anthony Barr, or Derrick Johnson. Am leaning toward...
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    Colin McCarthy

    don't know what to make of him. we start 2 LB, with 3 on roster. DBishop was my keeper. Oh, well. Picked up DSmith...... Now I have McCarthy, Wagner, and BCarter. Plan on using whoever has the best matchup. This week, I am sitting McCarthy until I feel I can trust him. Not sure what to...
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    Desmond Bishop

    I have Bishop and won't drop him since we are allowed to keep 2 def players from different positions. But there are just 2 weeks left (in our league). If I didn't have to worry about keeping him for next year, I would have dropped him already. If you don't need him as a keeper, pick up...
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    trent cole - dr bramel?

    He's been off a few weeks but has been practicing througout the week and should be good to go. In my league, I picked him up after being dropped and now have the problem of deciding who to start - Cole or J Allen -- or both!
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    Brandon Graham

    This will be a wait and see. The Eagles rotate their ends. They will not rush him back after recovering from the injury. I would just hang in there and see how many snaps he gets and how he does.
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    Jaiquawn Jarrett

    For now, Page and Allen are the starters. They may slowly bring Jarrett along with ST plus. Otherwise, it's hard to tell how much he will get used at this point.
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    Casey Matthews

    It looks like Matthews played the base defense with Rolle coming in for the nickel packages.
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    Casey Matthews

    It looks like Matthews played the base defense with Rolle coming in for the nickel packages.
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    Miles Austin week 10

    I am playing Breaston and F Jackson over Austin. Can't trust him and figure that they have better match ups.
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    Levy Hurt again

    I have Lofton and McClain. Levy was my third LB. Saw Harris dropped due to a bad week and snatched him up while dropping Levy. Levy should have a great year at MLB if he can only stay healthy. But, for now, I am happy to have Harris instead.
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    Patrick Chung

    Ended up with him as my DB1. Bell, Delmas, Weddle, Pollard, and a few others were gone. I went Chung and Bethea back to back, added Morgan Burnett and Earl Thomas later in the draft. DB is a stonger position for my team. I drafted Bethea but have the opportunity to pick up Chung. Should I...
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    Picking from the #1 spot

    I am in a 12 team non-ppr league with 6pt/td for qb, rushing, and receiving. QB in my league tend to go quickly. There usually is also a run on rb. If one of the top 5 qb are not there at the end of the second round (I am taking CJohnson first), I will be going wr/wr with my next two picks...
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    Brandon Graham now starting for Philly

    It really doesn't matter since they will still rotate the ends. He and Parker will still rotate, but Parker is having some ankle soreness at this time. They do have high hopes for Graham to be a nice bookend to Cole.
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    Getting antsy with your preseason LB rankings?

    thanks for the help. I drafted Ryans, Williams, and Timmons. I now still have Ryans, but changed to Lofton and Durant. Last year, LB was my weakness. Not this year!