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    Auction League - No Keepers

    League is full
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    Auction League - No Keepers

    only 2 opennings left
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    Auction League - No Keepers

    only 3 opennings left
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    Auction League - No Keepers 12 Teamer No Keepers Fees: $100.00 13 : payouts League Champion gets $500.00 League Runner up gets $300.00 High Score for each week for week 10,11,12, and 13 gets $50.00 Most points weeks 1-13 gets S140.00 Teams manned by auction FAs...
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    $200 14 team - 9 man keeper unique -- 1 spot left

    league site:
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    NFL seat license - PSL/SBL

    Personally - This why i bought a HDTV, NFL Sunday ticket and a Lazyboy. Also get: No line at bathroom, Cheaper Snacks and Drinks; plus when it's a bad home game I watch a better game.
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    WR Sleepers

    Jocoby Jones for Houston - Expect him to be WR#2 for them. James Jones GBP - hit the rookie wall last year. Will srr regular looks from A Rogers this year. C Buster Davis SDC - Along with A Gates, C Chambers and V Jackson he will have a break out year as WR#3 Issac Bruce will do well as a...
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    1 open team in 12 team dynasty league

    12 team league As name implies: family friendly league Fees $100.00 per year - pay out $1130.00 each year. Can Keep 15 players from one year to next Seperate Rookies and vets draft each year. Rookie pick 1.08 Open team Player YTD Pts Bye...
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    Strange stuff...Getting redirected to Ebay sites when

    Just got sent to Ebay piggy banks. use IE V7.0 Use Norton Protection Center
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    Under what logic is Brian Westbrook ahead of LT?

    In HP scoring with PPR Westy out scored LT last season. Lt has knee worries, and his great center is hurt and may miss the start of the season. So I have no problem with Westy being #1 and LT #2 in redraft. In Dynasty AP is clearly now #1. As to Holt and Plaxeco, Holt out scored Plaxeco by...
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    Poll: Kevin Kolb - Probability he is the starter in 2009

    If i remeber right the NFLPA site post player's contracts somewhere.
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    Have 1 openning in Dynasty league

    Team filled, thanks to all that applied
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    Have 1 openning in Dynasty league Team is listed as open team. $30.00 per year. Pay out $300.00 each year - Pay $60.00 for MFL site fees Get to keep up to 15 players from one season to the next. Seperate Rookie draft and FAs drafts each year. Has 4th pick in both rookie and...