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    Dynasty ROOKIE Draft: 2012 Rankings

    I'll be the first to admit that I watch highlight reels and you don't see many of those plays where these guys are losing yardage. So it's not the best evaluation process. But I do also read as many scouting reports as I can. I honestly don't remember reading many that say he has Poor Vision...
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    Dynasty ROOKIE Draft: 2012 Rankings

    I grade guys on my own 10 point system based on video I can find online which is mostly highlight reels...but I watch a lot of them and try to pick out strengths and weaknesses as best I can. Here's my summed up evals..just my opinions of course: 1. Trent Richardson - 9 - Power, quickness...
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    Team needs an Owner that can win them a championship!

    Dynasty League going into its 6th year. Good group of guys always interested in improving the league. Take over the team: The Diesel Key Players on the Team include: Ladanian Tomlinson, Eli Manning, Drew Brees League Rules link: