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    Orphan Team Needs an Owner Looking For a Challenge

    No beating around the bush - our long standing dynasty league (5 years deep now) needs a new owner for a dynasty team that likely needs a dedicated owner that likes to take on the challenge of a rebuild. I can sit here and tell you the team is great, but that would be lying. It's a great...
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    Nice!!! I sent you an email and copied the commish.

    Nice!!! I sent you an email and copied the commish.
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    New 12 Team PPR Start up!

    We need two good men! (or women). Only serious dynasty owners committed for the long haul need apply! 12 teams PPR QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX K DEF $40 buy-in - leaguesafe Let us know. 12 hour max between picks slow draft. Rookies thrown into the mix...
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    Handcuffing WRs?

    I do think there are valid situations, and I am in one of them. I am in a dynasty league where a handcuff might make more sense than in a redraft. In my situation, I own Nicks, but I also own Welker and Steve Smith (built for now), so short term depth is not an issue. I have picks 2.2 and 2.3...