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    Waddle,Jones,Chase if he plays. If Chase doesn't(gtd) easy peasy
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    London, Collins, Moore non PPR

    Lean toward Collins,Sky is interesting,if JuJu were still out I'd lean towards him,but twist my arm I'd stay with Collins
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    Week 12 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    My remaining quandries for week 12: FFPC scoring: Team A: Need a final flex: C.Patterson @ Wah A.Robinson @ KC N.Collins @ Mia...
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    ***New York at Dallas*** (-10, 45.5)

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    ***Patriots at Vikings (-2.5, 42.5)*** Turkey Night Football on NBC

    Watching this one with a full belly for sure. NO offensive TD's for either team on Sunday. Vader will have a plan but only a few days to prepare. Vikings- 27 Pats- 20
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    ***New York at Dallas*** (-10, 45.5)

    The Turkey Bowl game of the day. Multiple injuries on both sides but G-Men were already thin everywhere. Zeke jumps in the Salvation Army Pot... Boyz- 34 Big Blue- 13
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    ***Buffalo at Detroit*** (9.5, 54.5) Happy Thanksgiving -12:30 kickoff

    Lions are en fuego. Bills went through Hell and high water,er snow to get a win last week. This could be the best game of the day. Bills- 43 Lions- 34
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    Happy Thanksgiving to my FBG Family

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Family Friends Football Food and... Football Guys!
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    ***San Fran at Arizona*** (+10, 42.5) Monday Night in Mexico

    Yes,we could call it "The Guys Who sometimes get close to actual Scores" podcast.
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    USED: OFFENSE: Colts,Rams,Vikings,Lions,Bucs,Bills,Raiders,Dolphins,Falcons,Bears,Chiefs DEFENSE: Dolphins,Steelers,Bears,Packers,Bills,Chargers,Patriots,Cowboys,Eagles,Chiefs,Saints Week 12: OFFENSE: Dallas Cowboys DEFENSE: Carolina Panthers
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    Week 12 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    Great job as always. FFPC scoring. Need a final flex: B.Aiyuk vs N.O. C.Watson @ Phi
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    ***San Fran at Arizona*** (+10, 42.5) Monday Night in Mexico

    Forty Niners are just the better team. No analytics... San Francisco- 38 Arizona- 13
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    2022 New York Football Giants (under new management of Schoen & Daboll)

    Just when the injuries were clearing up. Along comes yesterday. They'll still fight and give a good effort every week,but the talent just isn't there,but the future is bright!
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    WR Kadarius Toney, KC

    Kansas City,welcome to Toney World. Enjoy! :banned: