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    New Dynasty Startup Looking For 3 More Owners!

    :o What he said . . .
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    > Looking For Owners For a Deep Idp Dynasty League in First Year

    Links to the league, the bylaws, and the scoring system would be helpful in recruiting. Otherwise, potential owners will be hesitant to consider without an opportunity to preview what they're possibly joining. Just a friendly suggestion . . .
  3. Rumblefish

    Thomas Jones lands in KC

    From Rotoworld:
  4. Rumblefish

    Thomas Jones lands in KC

    If that's true, it should be good news for owners of both.2008: CJ3 - 1,228 yards rushing, 260 yards receiving, 10 total TDs White - 773 rushing yards, 15 rushing TDs
  5. Rumblefish

    Thomas Jones lands in KC

  6. Rumblefish

    Thomas Jones lands in KC

    TJ turns 32 before the season starts and has 2,280 carries in his career. I'm not saying he's Buckhalter splitting carries with Moreno. However, he's not D-Will splitting carries with J. Stewart either. If the Jets still thought he had a lot of gas left in the tank, despite his stellar 2009...
  7. Rumblefish

    Which WRs will break out in 2010?

    Being able to watch every snap of every Bears game last season was painful for the most part and not recommended for anyone. However, it did give me a good chance to scout Aromashodu. He looks like the real deal. Aromashodu did everything you'd want to see a No. 1 wide receiver do. He fought...
  8. Rumblefish

    Witherspoon cut by Eagles

    (Rotoworld) The Titans will host free agent LB Will Witherspoon for a Tuesday visit.Analysis: The potential marriage makes sense for both sides. The Titans, moving on from longtime weak-side 'backer Keith Bulluck, are in search of athleticism at the position and can offer a starting job. Range...
  9. Rumblefish

    Is Brian Urlacher a HOFer?

    I agree completely. I've always liked Rickey Jackson and thought he was a good linebacker but it never even occurred to me that he was a Hall-of-Famer. Before Jackson's election, I would've said "no" on Urlacher but he should be in if Jackson is the benchmark.
  10. Rumblefish

    Who are you looking at as the stars of next season?

    After having seen him play, I'm drinking the Devin Aromashodu Kool-Aid this season.
  11. Rumblefish

    B Wells or S Green

    When was the last time Arizona had a running back as talented as Wells? You're making a general statement that a running back can't put up good numbers simply because he plays in Arizona but you don't take into consideration the "talent" at the position when you make that statement. Over the...
  12. Rumblefish

    Looking for an replacement owner

    That's a tough roster to inherit for $180.00+. At 1-12, it was obviously mismanaged by an owner who bailed out when he realized how bad he had made it. Would you consider a discount? That may attract more applicants. Otherwise, that's close to $200 lost annually for at least a couple of years...
  13. Rumblefish

    David Hawthorne

    The Cards ran 26 run plays and Hawthorne still posts 10 solos and 1 assist. In four starts, I believe that's 38 solos, six assists, two sacks, one forced fumble and two interceptions. There's no reason he should be riding the bench next season.
  14. Rumblefish

    David Hawthorne

    He's the middle linebacker. The Seahawks like him so much that they may move to a 3-4 scheme in 2010 to put him on the field at the same time as
  15. Rumblefish

    New 16 team IDP league starting in MFL

    I'm in if a replacement owner is needed.