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    Waiver Wire Pickups - Heading into Week 13

    Starting him this week is going to be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat
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    Waiver Wire Pickups - Heading into Week 13

    I have a bad Snell that Warren is starting
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    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    Can't see Fields playing this week.
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    WR Darius Slayton, NYG

    He saved my *** in several leagues last week. And this week he gets Detroit. And he played for Auburn. All in.
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    2022 IDP News and Notes

    I picked up Ellis where I needed a starter this week. I have looked all over for Werner news and found zero. Fans message boards strangely silent. I fully expect a DNP today and probably tomorrow.
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    WR Elijah Moore, NYJ

    Maybe Conklin's mom is hotter than Moore's Mon
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    RB Brian Robinson Jr. - WAS

    Let him play QB instead of Wentz. Good way to learn until they decide Howell is ready.
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    QB Carson Wentz, WAS

    Sweet Baby Rays the jokes are getting bad on this board
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    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    He is non good. Many of us predicted this when he entered the draft.
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    Post Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups

    Remember the Never Bench Stephen Davis guy? Well I am the Never Start Wentz guy.
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    WR Nico Collins, HOU

    Nico >>>>> Wan'dale
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    RB Kenyan Drake, LV

    Cut him. I couldn't even trade him for a kicker. He did better in the pros than i thought he would, but I think the end is coming towards him like a brick wall.
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    QB Deshaun Watson, CLE

    You need to change your sig to " I am the law", that would be cool
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    2022 RB handcuffs

    I was looking into Mattison yesterday. Some Vikes fans and writers are kinda down on him, felt he wasnt as explosive last year. They indicate he is becoming JAG. Personally I still like him but will wait a few rounds more now.
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    QB Deshaun Watson, CLE

    Correct me if i am wrong, but the scale of his pay cut is beyond what we saw before, right?