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  1. shadrap

    Week 12 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL**

    PPR & 4pts for passing TD, etc. Carr at Seattle Tannehill vrs. Cinnci D. Jones at Dallas Need something with K. Murray being out probably. Thanks!
  2. shadrap

    MFL question

    With MFL you can change your lineup all you want but unless you SCROLL down & press SAVE your lineup will not change. This has happened to me & a few others in our league where we didn't press the save button & were shocked when we saw we started players on buy.
  3. shadrap

    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    started him over Brady in 2 FFPC leagues 10 minutes before kickoff. got 2 wins where I would have got 2 losses. Figured Fields could get me 15 or 20 pts that Brady was going to put up. just nice to make a last minute decision that turned out, because most of mine don't & then I beat myself up...
  4. shadrap

    🐎 *OFFICIAL 2022 Horse Racing Extravaganza Traveling Road Show Thread - Life Gettin' Better At Big Sandy* 🐎 thought this interesting as I've never heard of the horse.
  5. shadrap

    RB Kyren Williams, LAR

    IMO offensive line is 95% to blame for the running game being horrible.
  6. shadrap

    ***Chicago Bears Thread*** Poles and Eberflus

    always have liked your take on Chicago Bears. you seem to like them so much that it hurts to see them fail & you are not afraid to say it.
  7. shadrap

    **LV at NO**(+1.5) (49.5)

    Anyway to watch this without paying? Not too excited but I'm up so ........................................
  8. shadrap

    Political Forum Closed

    I always liked your style & information. You also always kept your cool & responded in a professional manner. same with zow. thanx
  9. shadrap

    ***Official John Fetterman thread***

    & can sit outside Supreme Court Justices homes, although it IS against the law. so can anyone riddle me that? didn't think so.
  10. shadrap

    I am worried about Herschel Walker’s candidacy for the senate; I don’t think he’s up to the job.

    I think we can all agree he is probably not even close to being a qualified rep for the State. Neither is his opponent because of his stroke, but here we are. sad state of affairs across the entire political spectrum.
  11. shadrap

    The Joe Biden Thread- things are looking up

    All the problems brought on by this administration & it's---------- Oh yea what about Jan. 6th? Apparently you use what you got & that's it.
  12. shadrap

    ***Official President Joe Biden Thread*** BEST EVER!

    This one delayed I hope forever: good thoughts for all the dems here that are/were against this.
  13. shadrap

    ***Official President Joe Biden Thread*** BEST EVER!

    Tremendous! I know there is always this & that but tremendous as far as humanity & the world goes. I'm talking health.
  14. shadrap

    Diesel Crisis: Farmers/America's Food Supply Under Threat With No Solution In Sight (5/20/22 19:50PST)

    There is a war going on, Putin threatening nukes, & China is eyeing Tawain. WTH is Biden thinking depleting the strategic Oil reserves? oh, I get it votes. sad & I hope it doesn't bite us all.