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  1. Shane Falco

    MFL - Position Updates 3/6

    Maybe they knew Roto was moving him back to DE, now a DE...again Bengals coach Marvin Lewis expects DE Carl Lawson to remain a sub-package player in 2018. Lawson notched 8.5 sacks on just 477 rookie snaps, but the Bengals still have Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap. "The biggest thing that...
  2. Shane Falco

    MFL - Position Updates 3/6

    Does Rotoworld have a contest with another site to try to be first?  They seem a bit knee jerk with changes and hours later make a contradictory post that the guy they just moved to LB will "in the mix at DE" Really?  Everything about Lawson so far this year is that he is a DE.  But Roto wants...
  3. Shane Falco

    Fantasy offseason dynasty rankings?

    I'd take it a step further and argue that only Jene's Tiers are of value.  I read and appreciate Rudinicki's article but it is basically a synopsis of who had a good game and who had a bad game.  Helpful to me b/c I don't watch all the games but you get the same info from the box scores. ...
  4. Shane Falco

    Better Dynasty Hold ?

    Non-big play scoring. Who's the better dynasty hold Schobert or J. Collins?  Has Schobert earned a spot or is he another Worrilow?
  5. Shane Falco

    Snap Counts 2.0 2017 edition

    Might be the best in-season IDP content on FBG
  6. Shane Falco

    Oakland Starting LBs

    kind of surprising but I guess good for James owners Adams the other starter?
  7. Shane Falco

    Preseason Notes

    where is Pryor?  Different sites have him either as the starter over Kindred or a B/U
  8. Shane Falco

    All 32 defensive schemes and key players within them

    I'd guess Anthony would be in the mix here too.  Coach has talked him up. At least I hope he is.......
  9. Shane Falco

    DT and DE Designation Changes

    :CB: :)
  10. Shane Falco

    Old Rookie Drafts

    :unsure:   Shane Falco knows Hank Moody?  :ph34r:
  11. Shane Falco

    2016 Snap Count Thread

    Awesome thread!
  12. Shane Falco

    IDP waiver wire week 4

    who replaces Sio Moore? What's that all about?
  13. Shane Falco

    2016 Snap Count Thread

    and 3 tackles so he is trending up
  14. Shane Falco

    Offseason IDP Content [Guru series, Tiers, Podcasts, and more]

    I see the weekly EOtG is right on time as usual.  Well after waivers have run.  Hopefully before line-up decisions are made for Sunday since Thur will be shot.