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    RUUD to play with injury

    If I had made the playoffs, he would have been riding the pine also. Unfortunately I didn't make the playoffs because my stud LB let me down the last few weeks :shrug:
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    Official Scoring

    I just saw Atari Bigby wrap up Selvin Young and while he was bringing him down Kampman came in to knock him down faster I guess. They were each credited with an Assist. What is the official rule for getting a Tackle and an Assist? Because sometimes I see an instance when a player gets a Solo...
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    Anthony Spencer value as a DL?

    With Ellis coming back last week, how badly does this affect Spencer who is DL eligible in a tackle heavy league?
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    I love

    If it wasn't for this site my IDP's would be horrible!! You guys sold me on Barrett Ruud, Rocky McIntosh, and Freddie Keiaho. I visited a few fantasy football sites, but nothing like this! Oh and Bob Sanders, although he is well known, a few guys here said he would explode. Pretty much what I'm...
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    B Meriweather... looking good

    Will Meriweather be taking over at safety for Harrison over the first 4 weeks of the season? I don't know if I should start Meriweather, Archuleta, or Huff. Any new info will help