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  1. snellman

    What's the best advice you have ever received?

    "If it's yellow let it mellow, If it's brown flush it down" Seriously, one thing my Grandpa told me that sticks with me to this day, "Never go to bed angry at your spouse"
  2. snellman

    ***Official Grilling and Smoking Thread***

    Turkey and Ham were a Huge hit, especially the turkey. All of the kids said that was the best turkey they ever had. I probably checked on it more than I needed to, but it was nice out and of course I was nervous doing a big meal on the Pit Boss for the first time. It was so much easier than...
  3. snellman

    ***Official Grilling and Smoking Thread***

    Turkey and Ham going on the new Pit Boss today for all of the kids coming home tonight. Going to use GrillinFools Bourbon recipe that he just put up on Facebook last night. Simple but effective.
  4. snellman

    Totaled car. How to ensure the highest value

    Do your research of similar models to see what they are selling for. The insurance company will surely try to low ball and offer you "book value", but you are guaranteed to pay more than book value right now when you purchase because while it is not as bad as it was as recently as 6 months ago...
  5. snellman

    ***Official Grilling and Smoking Thread***

    I decided to take the dive and purchased this today: Pit Boss Pro at Lowes I was going to buy the one listed above at wal-mart, but this one seemed sturdier and heavier even though it was more $$. I really don't need the wifi and blue tooth but oh well. I was going to go the smaller version...
  6. snellman

    ***Official Grilling and Smoking Thread***

    9 times out of 10 my brine is either salt and Apple juice or salt and Soda (usually use Root Bear or Dr Pepper, I have tried Orange and other flavors but all it does is turn the meat orange). Depending on the cut of meat and size I will usually use 1-2 2L bottles then add water until the meat is...
  7. snellman

    Christmas Tree Dispute, Settle This Argument.

    I usually put mine up late October/Early November while it is still decent out temp wise (Iowa) but they don't get turned on until the day after Thanksgiving. Wife normally puts up the decorations Weekend after Thanksgiving unless she has to work. Kids are coming weekend after this year...
  8. snellman

    Chili and Cinnamon Roll? Midwest Thing?

    Our school was peanut butter sandwiches with the Chili.
  9. snellman

    Chili and Cinnamon Roll? Midwest Thing?

    I do not, but the wife does. I am not sure how she does it because she has so many oyster crackers in the chili there is nothing left to get on the roll. She will even clean her bowl with the cinnamon roll when she is done.
  10. snellman

    Chili and Cinnamon Roll? Midwest Thing?

    Don't knock it until you've tried it. I am in Iowa and had never heard of it either until I met my wife. She insisted on making cinnamon rolls when I made chili. It has become a staple of our winter menu. Now if we could just agree on the thickness of the chili. (I like mine very thick, she...
  11. snellman

    What Generation do you consider yourself?

    The Gen Z don't do message boards so you are probably not going to seem many of them in here. (y)
  12. snellman

    Snow blower/thrower shopping - What ya got?

    I have a Toro Snowmaster and like it a lot. 3 downfalls of it are 1) I haven't found any chains to fit the wheels so it can be a pain in the right situation when the wheels spin and you have to help it. 2) If you get a wet heavy snow like we do in Iowa early in the season or early spring, it...
  13. snellman

    Collectively, A Thread To Celebrate Our Kids Athletic Accomplishments

    Son's band had their last competition of the season yesterday and finished 2nd. Again, they were the smallest school, but had the largest band (even if only my 3 members). They only competition they finished worse than 3rd this year was the Bands of America competition where they finished 5th...
  14. snellman

    ***Official - 2022 Major League Baseball Season Thread - Astros Win the World Series**

    As a Twins fan, It made me laugh watching that. I was excited when MN signed him, but he quickly wore out his welcome and the Twins owe the Yankees a big thank you for taking his contract. Unfortunately the hated Yankees won that game and as much as I would like to see it, I don't think Cle...
  15. snellman

    Best big TV for my buck?

    I was in the same situation. I wanted a large tv for the basement for the kids to play xbox and me and the guys to watch games, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money. I bought this one for my basement a year ago...