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Dec 26, 1967 (Age: 56)
Flower Mound, TX


[SIZE=13.5pt]-- BKM[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Coach, General Manager, and Owner: Flint Felons[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]"I am normal. In fact, I think I might be more normal than anyone else."[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]-- Jim McMahon[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]Starters[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Bench[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]QB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Cam Newton CAR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]QB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt] Jay Cutler CHI[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]RB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Lamar Miller MIA [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]RB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Giovani Bernard CIN[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]WR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Brandon Marshall NYJ [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]RB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Tevin Coleman ATL[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]WR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Alshon Jeffery CHI [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]RB [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Jay Ajayi MIA[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]TE [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Greg Olsen CAR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]WR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Stefon Diggs MIN[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]FLX [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]DeAngelo Williams PIT [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]WR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Davante Adams GB[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]FLX [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Allen Robinson JAC [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]WR [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Dontrelle Inman SD[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]K [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Steven Hauschka SEA [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]TE [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Snagger Vance McDonald SF[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]DST [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Seattle Seahawks [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]K [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Josh Brown NYG[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7.5pt].5 PPR, 20Pass, 10Rush/Rec, 7TD, 12 teams, 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/1K/1TD/FLEX/FLEX(2RB max starters)[/SIZE]