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    Need 1 owner -2 games each week best record

    3rd year leauge needs 1owner top 4 payout fee $70 honest and competitive leauge all money will be paid out if interested e-mail me at stamey_d
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    Leauge as 1 opening best record double header each week

    Top 4 payout all money is paid out fee $70 redraft honest and competitive league if interested e-mail me at
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    redraft leauge as openings:no division,no playoff

    Redraft leauge as openings double-header each week No divisions and no playoff pay out is to the top 4 teams 1st- 350 2nd-180 3rd-140-4th-100 all money will be going back out to the leauge. Honest leauge money will be paid out right after season. If interested please reply to...
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    3rd year redraft league needs 3 owners

    Need 3 owners for 3 year franchise.Honest and competitive league need members who will manage their team and pay dues up front entery fee is$70 will pay out top 4, 2 games per week if interested e-mail me at