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  1. steelcityman

    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 11: blown opportunities leads to loss against Bengals

    They wont tank, I think they should, but they wont, no chance. I assume Canada is out the Monday after the Clev finale.
  2. steelcityman

    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 11: blown opportunities leads to loss against Bengals

    Steelers are a hot mess, I think my backyard team that played after school had a better offensive game plan. They really should tank, not for a QB, but to get a pick that teams that want a QB with a trade for. Get a few first rd picks for 23, 24, 25. They need a rebuild. OL and CB are...
  3. steelcityman

    2022 New York Football Giants (under new management of Schoen & Daboll)

    I traded Montgomery for Wan'Dale and a 2nd in dynasty yesterday morning, had Monty for 4 years and was sick of him, saw Wan' doing well, and was happy for a bit, then read he got hurt, and now its ACL. He should be back for start of 2023. I just hope this doesnt derail his progress, Giants...
  4. steelcityman

    Kupp's future

    Do you all consider Kupp to still be top 5, or top 10 next year in PPR? Thking about trying to get him for next year only. Current owner is in playoff hunt. I have Higgins and Deebo I could trade to deal. Hard to predict next year now, just wondering why you all think about Kupp/Rams in 2023.
  5. steelcityman

    Trade Fields

    Check Fields' schedule, I think after this week it gets much harder. Fields is the hottest name right now, but I feel like the floor might drop out after this week and he goes back to barely rosterable. If you can get a great haul, I would trade him.
  6. steelcityman

    Fields for Deebo? I’ll answer yours!

    I have Deebo and if I could get Fields, I would be dancing. Only caveat is that Fields schedule gets tougher after this week. But SF still has too many cooks in the kitchen now. Unless they average 35 ppg, only McCaff as real value, and that might dip a bit if Mitchell is gonna get his.
  7. steelcityman

    Week 10 Injury Thread

    Kupp to IR, needs surgery, might not return after 4 weeks. My question, would you offer for him for next year? Is he still going to be a top 5 WR next year? Will the Rams get squared away by then? Fix their OLine? I am out of it this year, have Higgins and Deebo who the Kupp owner...
  8. steelcityman

    WR Christian Watson, GB

    I picked him up a couple weeks ago, someone cut him in our keeper league, my team stinks(injuries) so I am always looking for bargains. Maybe he ends up one of them.
  9. steelcityman

    NFL Films presents "Jeff Saturday's Indianapolis Colts" Undefeated after a trip to Las Vegas

    Cowher is old school, hiring a guy out of espn isnt old school, Cowher respects coaches and what they go thru. But, if Saturday plays Ryan and runs the ball, I'm cool with it.
  10. steelcityman

    Trade Javonte Williams in dynasty?

    No, but he is real young, and if Denver ever gets a QB and coach, he could still have a real nice career there, or in 2+ years, someplace else.
  11. steelcityman

    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 11: blown opportunities leads to loss against Bengals

    Steelers will win just enough, maybe 6 games, to not be in the QB sweepstakes, and I dont mean taking a QB, but someone trading up to the Steelers spot to get a QB, and thus Steelers get two 1s and a 2 in the future to move down 5 spots and still get a top OL or DL. Pickett has the skill set...
  12. steelcityman

    RB Christian McCaffrey, SF

    Has McCaff rendered everyone else in SF a flex option? Deebo, Kittle....they dont seem like starters anymore. Is Aiyuk the best option now?
  13. steelcityman

    Trade Javonte Williams in dynasty?

    i have him in dynasty, and its gonna be hard to sit on him all year/offseason. I dont think he is fully back until 2024(similar but behind the schedule Dobbins is currently on). I know selling would be doing so low, but to another team like mine, in terrible shape, might want to give a nice...
  14. steelcityman

    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 11: blown opportunities leads to loss against Bengals

    2025 6th to Wash, and 2025 7th to Steelers, so no draft capital involved really, just the salary. He can void the deal next year, but why pass on $12M? IDK is he's any good or just wont complain all the time while here. We'll see.
  15. steelcityman

    Tua or Stroud? Dynasty 1 QB league

    Tua. No idea if Stroud will be good in the NFL. The coach and WRs in Miami are too good to pass up on.