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  1. stp-d

    MFL Down?

    Because we pay for it to work and it isn't, and week 1 is an indication of things to come. They need to invest in their servers!!!
  2. stp-d

    Need 2 keepers

    Make That for skipping a 2nd pick, keep Keenan if you have to keep 2
  3. stp-d

    Dynasty Rookie Draft - What's the Next Pick?

    If you don't trade the pick, I'd go Curtis Samuel here, you have time to see the project out.
  4. stp-d

    Trade Help Requested: Small Keeper League

    Gordon 3 & Evans 6 For David Johnson 5 I agree the other guy gets better, but so do you. No harm in countering, but the offer is good. Sad that this guy will be that good, but you need to get better too.
  5. stp-d

    16 tm ppr Dynasty, trade offer and #10 rookie/FA pick?

    RB is your obvious weakness... 1.10 I'd go with RB since that is where you are weaker, Kamara or Perine are next up.  Jeffrey & Crowell are not too far off, but I'd try to get a 2nd or 3rd Rd pick on top in return and then I'd do the trade. Str8 up you are losing, IMO.
  6. stp-d

    How do you feel about Cutler now? (current info on pg 46)

    Most, not all, assume that Cutler will start if signed. With Moore knowing the offense and being competent last year, is it out of the question that Cutler is brought in as depth behind Moore? I hear that Cutler wants starter pay, but does that mean he requires to be the starter or will not sign?
  7. stp-d

    WR Nelson Agholor, NE

  8. stp-d

    Tannehill's upside

    :thumbup: Moore will be the man now, but of course they will need to bring in some depth behind Moore.
  9. stp-d

    What is the worst dynasty trade you have been offered?

    Believe it or not, I like AJ Green side
  10. stp-d

    Official Arian Foster - All Foster news, all the time

    If I'm right, Foster was an undrafed free agent at one time. They'll likely add depth due to the foster injury but why wouldn't they want to see what they have in Polk who looked good subbing for McCoy.
  11. stp-d

    What staring RB's will lose their jobs to backups/rookies this yea

    Prepare to be shocked, timeshare at best.
  12. stp-d

    QB Jimmy Garoppolo, SF

  13. stp-d

    Tony Moeaki -- KC Chiefs TE

    I've rostered this dud 3 times, and I gotta wonder if he will ever have more upside than a Marcedes Lewis type who in most 10-12 team PPR leagues is barely worth rostering.
  14. stp-d

    2014 Rookie 1.09 (Post NFL Draft)

    If you see Hyde as the future SF starter or you think Efron is the next top 5 TE, then hell yeah, move up. I'd be happy with Mason & Lee though