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    RB Elijah Mitchell, SF

    Harris doesn't watch much college film. He says this a lot and brings on guests to discuss rookies. So if he had trey #1, he was probably deferring to Waldman more than offering his own opinion on trey.
  2. strong

    RB D’Andre Swift, DET

    he played in 43 out of 43 games at georgia. you might want to pump the brakes on that "injury prone" label.
  3. strong

    Dynasty Buy and Sell Targets

    one of the reasons i was a bit higher on corey coming into this year than ECR (mid 60s?) was that his ypt had gone up each year, he was just stuck on a team that threw like 12 times a game... seemed to me if he could find 90-100 targets, he'd be a pretty nice fantasy WR. obviously 11.7 ypt is...
  4. strong

    Dynasty Buy and Sell Targets

    yeah. sorry if that wasn't clear. it's my favorite rookie WR stat and it's been pretty predictive the last 20 years.
  5. strong

    Dynasty Buy and Sell Targets

    i'd buy the efficient WRs and fade the inefficient ones that had higher volume. a lot of superstar WRs pop in yards per target right out of the gate and a lot of fool's gold was propped by volume. (think kelvin benjamin (6.9 yards per target) and justin blackmon (6.6)) higgins (8.6), lamb...
  6. strong

    RB James Robinson, NYJ

    i see this conversation a lot and it's always in extremes. i doubt the jags replace him or spend high draft capital on a RB. i also really doubt the jags completely ignore the position altogether. seems 100% reasonable for them to bring in some competent help by way of a 4th through 6th round...
  7. strong

    RB J.K. Dobbins, BAL

    no doubt it is high. only 9 guys got there last year and that's probably about normal. it does take a combination of workload + health. but i was speaking more from a per game perspective, really.
  8. strong

    RB J.K. Dobbins, BAL

    the problem for me is, this will still look very much like a 3 way RBBC...  love dobbins' talent a ton but his path to 20+ touches in a game (and 300+ touches in 2021) is narrow.
  9. strong

    RB Cam Akers, LAR

    it definitely does look that way. henderson's highest snaps share is 56%.  as to why that is, i would look back at henderson's prospect profile. he profiled as a change of pace back. he is also a bit light at 208 pounds and, i know it might not be objective, but for my money, he doesn't create...
  10. strong

    RB Cam Akers, LAR

    one possible (probable?) explanation is mcvay didn't change (he has always been a bellcow back) but he never envisioned that role for henderson and without preseason action, it was risky to throw akers into that role too quickly (if goff gets murdered, their season is done). and it wasn't...
  11. strong

    RB Cam Akers, LAR

    i was being facetious, yes, because no, henderson never had a game like this. he had a nice game, no doubt, with 120 yards on 21 touches on 49% of the snaps. but let's be honest: that's a far cry from 194 on 31 touches and 79% of the snaps. one is a break out game. the other is a big boy bellcow...
  12. strong

    WR Chase Claypool, CHI

    have to think there's something going on here. he still gets targeted a lot when he's on the field but this looks like it will be the second straight game with a sub 50% snap share. he only got consistent burn when diontae was benched for a bit for dropsies. pure speculation, but it feels like...
  13. strong

    RB Cam Akers, LAR

    i think i missed that game. when was it?
  14. strong

    RB Antonio Gibson, WAS

    it totally sucks but this injury isn't always multiple weeks. turf toe, like any sprain, has varying degrees. it can heal up fine within a week and it can linger for months. we don't know what grade gibson's is...
  15. strong

    2020 Survivor Leagues

    i came in here to pat myself on the back for being the only manager alive in my 12 team league since week 10 and to see what people were saying about the stretch run. and... i guess this is just an easy year and i'm not suddenly smart!