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    wannabee Strategy Thread

    I have P. Manning who is my every week starter usually. I have M. Ryan as my number 2. I am having trouble deciding who to start this week as Manning has a tough matchup (@Pitt) while Ryan's matchup is pretty good (vs NO). FYI, In my scoring, Ints/Fum are = to TDs so turnovers hurt. Any...
  2. TheGreatest

    Darrell Green vs. Deion Sanders vs. Rod Woodson

    Sanders Green Woodson I love Green as a player but nobody has ever impacted the game at corner the way Deion did.
  3. TheGreatest

    My [tiered] rankings by position

    Safeties..... Where is DaJuan Morgan (NC State) and Reggie Smith (Oklahoma)....I think both of these guys fall right behind K. Phillips....
  4. TheGreatest

    Early DB Rankings

    Fred Bennett #9? Can you tell me about him?
  5. TheGreatest

    DeAngelo Hall headed to the Raiders per ESPN

  6. TheGreatest

    Jason Taylor and Dolphins Part Ways

    According to Yahoo Sports actually :( But this makes since with hiring of Parcells and Jason Taylors Dancing with the Stars gig...I am sure that did not sit well with Parcells and he would like to move Taylor now to get something for him while he still has good value. Rumored to GB already...
  7. TheGreatest

    Kawika Mitchell to Bills

    ruh roh! Looks like Kawika is initially penciled in at WLB......
  8. TheGreatest

    Rumor: Moss to Big D

    Thats not going to happen.... :goodposting:
  9. TheGreatest

    Rumor: Moss to Big D

  10. TheGreatest

    Rookie pick #4

    If Hardy lands in a great spot in the draft I think he could go pretty high. I think he has to be at least on the list at this point considering Kelly is.... I voted F. Jones...
  11. TheGreatest

    Derek Smith a Charger

    Looks like he is now a charger. What kind of value does he hold now?
  12. TheGreatest

    It's all Gisele's fault!

    Its hard to believe that Romo takes a crap load of heat when his girl comes to game but noone says anything about Brady's girl. :goodposting: :bow: :lmao: :lmao:
  13. TheGreatest

    If Giants beat Patriots in SB XLII....

    HISTORY!! Congrats to the NY Giants! :goodposting:
  14. TheGreatest

    If Giants beat Patriots in SB XLII....

    Here we go....history in the making :pickle: