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    the trouble with Cutler

    I would have a hard time trading Cutler. We need more details on a post. Who is your starting QB? What else do you have? Is this a redraft or keeper or dynasty league? More than likely you keep Cutler for the whole season and trade the other QB.
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    Kornheiser's Comment

    Yes, this sounds like something important enough to spend time on. There are more important things are there?
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    Is Carson Palmer a good buy low?

    He has to be a good buy option. I can't see how he can be this bad all season long. He has been too good for too long. Will he be elite again? That's a tough one. But, get him if you can and worst case is that he is a very good backup. Maybe he will reemerge and then you are cookin' with gas.
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    what percentage of fantasy football is luck and how much is skill?

    If it is not skill then why are people spending so much time in these forums and on this website? Sure, there are sometimes luck comes in. But make your own luck! This week you might have lost a game due to luck but over the long haul of the season the skilled game managers win more games.
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    News from Mike Tomlin's news conference

    Thanks. That's great to hear. What was Al Michaels talking about?
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    Does being on Miami make you undraftable?

    Probably pretty accurate!
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    Felix Jones hype

    Just change Julius to Felix and 2007 to 2008 and then read below: September 11, 2007, 11:03 Cowboys :: RB RB Jones Could See Red Zone Action Calvin Watkins, Dallas Morning News - [Full Article] The roles of Cowboys running backs Julius Jones and Marion Barber III will remain mostly the same...
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    Felix Jones hype

    Doesn't change anything. Felix will get touches and he will be used so MBIII doesn't get worn out with his running style. Felix is there to keep MBIII fresh and provide a change of pace. And, MBIII will get the ball when they are in the red zone 90% of the time just like last year!Obviously...
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    Does being on Miami make you undraftable?

    It should be good for their IDPs!
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    Footballguys is hiring

    Hooper, I can't send you a personal message but I would appreciate seeing what you use. It sounds very helpful!
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    Footballguys is hiring

    It must be enough because they are able to fill their staff every year! It's just not enough for you!
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    How much of fantasy football is luck?

    When I see someone claim 90% luck factor, I immediately think poor loser and bad team manager. Last season I lost three close games. Our league was very competitive and one game was the difference between the bottom four toilet bowl and the Playoffs! I made some coaching mistakes and in two...
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    Felix Jones hype

    Everyone needs to use the awesome tools of this website. Use the player search tool for this debate. Search for Julius Jones and look at the news for 2007. Now, just change the Julius to Felix and 2007 to 2008 and does it sound any different than the hyped news you are reading today?! Pretty...
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    ***Dynasty Master Thread***

    The Dynasty Rankings are pretty close to helping. Also, the draft dominator is very useful. The tweak I do is looking at the dynasty rankings and increase their ADP for young players and decreasing it for older players.For instance, McFadden will go much higher in a dynasty draft and Rudi...
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    Are QB's & WR's scoring more TD's this year?

    Those stats aer pretty awesome. I thought for sure there were more passing TDs by a long way. The game sure seems to be more pass heavy watching it and more fun to watch this year. I wonder if there are more RB receptions and TDs. Seems like there is more of that.