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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    I think its positive for him that they haven't added another burner and he's had good buzz but the fact that Staley is emphasizing special teams for him makes me wonder how much his offensive role will expand. Love him as a last-round best ball pick, though...
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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    Wishful thinking!
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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    I think what changed for Williams is the way he was utilized by Lombardi. His role expanded significantly from being mostly a down the field contested catch player.  What you're saying is certainly possible, but I thought Allen looked like a player in slow decline towards the end of last season...
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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    I think it's the latter.  Stafford was the perfect fit, they had amazing chemistry and it unlocked his full potential.  Plus, Woods went down and a huge number of targets flowed Kupp's way.  
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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    That's a fair question although Kupp just showed that it can be done.  I guess my theory is that there will be more offensive production to go around. I'm imagining numbers closer to what Brady put up last year - 5,300/43. I don't think Ekeler is likely to catch 8 td's again.  He's done it twice...
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    WR Mike Williams, LAC

    Put me in the camp of people who think Williams could indeed make a big leap.  His challenge will be to stay fully healthy, which is always tricky for a player who puts his body at risk every time he makes a contested catch.   Prior to 2021, Williams had 3 career games with at least 10 targets...
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    RB D’Andre Swift, DET

    Swift is shaping up to be a no-brainer for me in the second round of drafts this year.  He has a lot working in his favor: * The Lions offensive line has quietly become very strong, on the verge of being elite. * Adding Chark & Jameson (whenever he gets on the field) will help create space...
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    RB Ronald Jones, KC

    That blurb will get a ton of play online but it's pretty misleading. With that said, I do think that Jones is the most likely player to be this year's version of James Conner, to the extent we see that.  It seems abundantly clear at this point that Reid doesn't trust CEH at the goal-line and...
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    WR Skyy Moore, KC

    Was listening to a Chiefs podcast and the hosts said that they'd be surprised if Moore has 800 yards this year and that Reid likes his receivers to play multiple roles and that was unlikely in Moore's first year.  Take it for what it's worth but I do think Moore's ADP opened really high and...
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    QB Baker Mayfield, CAR

    I think DJ Moore and Anderson get a bump.  The narrative that Moore ascends and becomes an elite #1 becomes more viable, whereas it was always doubtful with Darnold.  Marshall becomes an interesting pick in the last couple of rounds.
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    RB Tyler Allgeier, ATL

    I see where you're going but this feels like a true reach to me when you look at the team context/environment. The 49ers are one of the run-heaviest teams w/almost constant positive game scripts, had a great line, receiving weapons to keep defenses honest and Shanahan is an excellent...
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    *** Chargers Official 2022 Thread - Astounding 11 Point Second Half Onslaught Leads To Victory ***

    Very nice.  And he goes on to throw some shade at the Browns, in the meantime. 😂
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    RB Tyler Allgeier, ATL

    Exactly - thank you.  For the most part, the teams the Falcons play in this stretch either have very strong run defenses (and the Chargers should be significantly improved) and/or they can drop a lot of points on you quickly, creating negative game scripts for Allgeier (and probably positive...
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    RB Ezekiel Elliott, DAL

    His ADP is so depressed compared to last year that it's hard not to think he's a value at first glance but I think he's appropriately priced. I do think he'll see a lot of volume but I likely won't end up with him on many teams.  I've seen the splits before and after injury but Zeke will play...
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    RB Tyler Allgeier, ATL

    Allgeier seems like the kind of back who could give you decent if unspectacular production if he has enough volume. With that said, he's playing for a bad team and running behind an objectively bad line. Not bottom 3 in the league but certainly bottom 10. He does have good blocking WR's, so that...