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Tweekend Warriors



Owner: Tweekend Warriors 2KFL

Tweekend Warriors

QB: P. Manning, Quinn

RB: R. Brown, A. Green, T. Bell, J Chatman, S. Young, A. Bradshaw, M. Bennett, V. Morencey

WR: M. Harrison, A. Johnson, W. Welker, A. Battle, D. Williams, B. Wade, B. Berrian, D. Mason, D. Jarrett

TE: A. Crumpler, C Cooley

PK: J. Hanson


12 team dynasty league

$250 salary cap

25/20 max/min roster (regular season)

Top 5 players at each position: +20% raise annually

Top 5 players under $10: increase to $10

All other players: 10% raise annually

Rookies drafted at $3, $2, or $1 (1st/2nd/3rd rounds)



1pt for: 50yds pass, 15yds rush/rec, each rec after 2

-1pt for: fum/int

DEF: 14pts for shutout -1 for each point allowed to 14, 2pts for safety, 1pt for: int/fum rec, punt/fg block, .5 for sack