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  1. Twilight

    Class of 2012 Hall of Fame Finalists

    Sapp's going in next year, so a DT will be in soon. Mine: Carter Doleman Parcells Roaf Eddie D (Homer Pick all the way. I doubt he'll ever get in because of the way he was forced out, but he created one of the best organizations in Football during his time Owning the Niners.)
  2. Twilight

    2012 Champions

    The Winners: MBSL1 - BassNBrew MBSL2 - Jeter23 SSL1 - Dpeease SSL2 - Valence SSL3 - Nugget SSL4 - Football Critic PDSL BSS - Stinkin Ref PDSL G - Krsone21 PDSL 20 - Ghost of Bill Walsh WSL 1 - Duckboy WSL 2 - Jeter23 WSL 3 - Domination WSL 4 - Krsone21 Big congrats to Jeter23 and...
  3. Twilight

    2012 Survivor Championships

    4 People drafted Flynn (2 in the PDSLs, 2 in the WSLs). Only Jeter23 in WSL 2 is still alive
  4. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    Final is up
  5. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    A few are decided, but there are several which hinge on MNF. GL all.
  6. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    Finals: BassNBrew vs Sinrman TeamRamrod vs Jeter 23 Fullback Fro v Dpeease FUBAR v Valence Duckboy v Nugget Football Critic v Broadway G Norseman v Stinkin Ref Gamma1210 v Krsone21 Ghost of Bill Walsh v Commuterman Duckboy v Fullback Fro Jeter23 v Shadowfax Domination v Shadowmaster...
  7. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    MBSL1: Radballs Sinrman BassNBrew Out:Old Milwaukee MBSL2:Jeter23 TeamRamrod Duckboy Out:Dpeease (Got Ramroded on MNF) SSL1:Fullback Fro Dpeease Rudy Out:Fiddles SSL2: Valence FUBAR Capt Hook Out: Jason Wood SSL3: Duckboy Nugget Renesauz Out: Shadowfax SSL4: Broadway G Snellman...
  8. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    I upped it right when I posted and confirmed it. You probably just needed to refresh. There were at least two teams that changed their fate on MNF, but, no matter what, my boot list is taken on my computer, and will be the accurate list.
  9. Twilight

    Reunion Teams & Discourse

    Wk 14: Wildcards matchup. Wildcards are purely based on points, so 5-7 Radballs and PAE are the Freaks wildcards right now (PAE has a 45 pt lead). Addicts is whoever doesn't win the division (pts are the tiebreaker) and Pictus (no one else is close.)Wk 15 is Div winners vs the div. Wild card...
  10. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    I probably screwed something up uploading it yesterday. Reupped.
  11. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    Sorry for the Delay. Once again, there is NO immunity next week. The 4 teams are all equal for the fight for the final 3 & the 2 week battles. Valence Iwannabeacowboy Sigmund Bloom Duke1948 Aaron Rudnicki Go Blue BassNBrew Pictus Cat Twilight (Jackson's loss doomed me) Norseman...
  12. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    PDSL BSS is an interesting oddity. Only 1 person who won immunity up to this week is alive, for a total of 2 immune weeks alive. Compare that to WSL1, where 4/5 teams still alive won every immunity. Out By the Sea Wannabe Aaron Rudnicki Bloom RC94 (by .4 thanx to Bloom. Ouch) Steel Dillo...
  13. Twilight

    Occupy Wall Street

    Not sure where the original is posted. I saw this on FARK Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi Linda P.B. Katehi, I am a junior faculty member at UC Davis. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, and I teach in the Program in Critical Theory and in Science &amp...
  14. Twilight

    2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

    Out Reaper Nugget AhrnCityPahnder Nittany Lion Domination Jackal King Andy Dusfresne (Doomed by last weeks mention of bad luck boots? #4 overall scorer goes down.) Shadowfax Busman AhrnCityPahnder (I think that most of the weeks this year has had someone lose 2 teams in a single week...
  15. Twilight

    The Hunger Games

    Add me to the list as well. The books definitely read like they were aimed at teens, but that didn't hurt the first book at all.However, while I did enjoy reading the 2nd and 3rd, there were a lot of ideas and directions the books took that could have benefited from either a more mature outlook...