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  1. u999spf

    Dynasty League Rules & Constitution

    Hey does anyone have a good set of rules that you wouldnt mind posting so I can look them over and incorporate them into a startup Dynasty League that we are thinking about starting? The league size will be either 12 or 16 teams and we want to use a salary cap / contract type format as well. I...
  2. u999spf

    OK so Fantrax sounds like its been around for 4-5 years at this point. Anyone in here using it for their Football leagues? I see it has many options (almost as many as MFL) and its interface is much more updated than MFL. I am thinking of moving multiple leagues to this site and I am...
  3. u999spf

    Has anyone moved their Friends & Family Year Long Private Leagues

    This format/option would have all the benefits of daily leagues in a yearly season long format. The biggest cons being no draft, no waivers, no season ending injuries to top draft picks and no trades to deal with. However, depending on your personal preference these could also be viewed as...
  4. u999spf

    Has anyone moved their Friends & Family Year Long Private Leagues

    I get the draft is the best part of fantasy for most people so this wouldnt necessarily be for everyone or every league. But if you are in multiple leagues, this is another option much like those that have adopted auction or dynasty type formats as a change of pace. Also if MFL or Yahoo or CBS...
  5. u999spf

    Has anyone moved their Friends & Family Year Long Private Leagues

    What are the chances a site like MFL adds in a Weekly Salary Cap type format to its league site as an alternative to draft, auction and dynasty type drafts it already offers? Then you could have the weekly salary format (say based on Draft Kings salaries or Fan Duel) but a league website for...
  6. u999spf

    Has anyone moved their Friends & Family Year Long Private Leagues

    Has anyone decided to transition their year long private fantasy leagues to a private league on a DFS site? If so, how has it worked out for you? Pros/Cons? And does anyone know what happens if you create a private 12 team league for the week and one of the guys forgets to submit a lineup by...
  7. u999spf

    Ahmad Bradshaw Outlook

    Anyway the Colts trade Bradshaw to the Giants after this move to get Richardson?
  8. u999spf

    Bloomberg Decision Maker

    This has been out for 2 seasons now...has anyone tried this out and found it useful? I am sure its useful to someone who is very new to fantasy football but I am wondering if its useful for people that have been playing for a while now that need lineup help with tough decisions.
  9. u999spf

    Start 2 QB mock drafts
  10. u999spf

    How to incentivize or encourage trades in leauge?

    Removing Trade Fees is a good start. Increasing roster sizes is another good idea to promote trades. Larger rosters means there are not too many choice guys on the waiver wire and also allows teams with a deep bench more willing to make a trade.
  11. u999spf

    Home League: 22 years and counting...

    Started up in 1988. 12 teams...5 of the original 12 owners still in the league. Rode Randall Cunningham to a title.
  12. u999spf

    4 Questions from the NFC West

    Rams WR - Amendola is the guy to own in PPR formats should catch 85 balls this season but Brandon Gibson appears to be making some noise and may be a nice last round flier type guy or early season pickup (not after week1 though since they play the eagles) Kendricks also appears to be a nice...
  13. u999spf League Manager ?

    bumping this thread to see if anyone else has started using this yet? If so, can you list some pros and cons?
  14. u999spf

    The Funniest Comedian Right Now?

    Bill Burr and Louis C.K. are right at the top and Patrice O'Neal and Norton are also very good, as well as Ricky Gervais.
  15. u999spf

    Do you tip out your commish if you win the superbowl?

    I commish 4 leagues and every once in a very long while one of the winners will tell me to keep a bit or myself...for instance if the payout was $1535 they may tell me to keep $35. I usually tell them its not necessary and send the money with the rest of the payout. But it's nice that they...